Let’s Talk About Sugar Alternative, Stevia And Its Benefits



If you’re just going to make one change in lifestyle to improve your overall health, eliminating sugar is a significant starting point. Added sugar is among the most controversial components of today’s diet.

Sugar has linked some significant diseases like being overweight, heart problems, diabetes, and cancer.

If you’ve been thinking about cutting back on sugar or giving it up entirely, you’re probably looking for a substitute.

Fortunately, there are a variety of non-sugar ways to sweeten meals. In addition, there are a variety of artificial and natural sweeteners available as alternatives, but most of them aren’t particularly attractive.

Among all the sugar substitutes, we consider Stevia the best. Let us know why?

What is Stevia?

Stevia isn’t unnatural, unlike many other zero-calorie substitutes like sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin. Stevia rebaudiana, popularly known as candy leaf or sweet leaf, is the name of the plant. 

Organic Stevia leaves are 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, implying that you would want to sweeten a dish or drink with hardly any sugar.

Stevia is a plant with a strong sweet taste. It has been used to sweeten drinks and create tea since the 16th century. Therefore, individuals are considering Stevia for almost a thousand years to sweeten dishes and beverages.

It is one of the most incredible sugar substitutes because of its near-zero calorie count and health advantages.

Why is Stevia highly recommended? Find out here!

Prevention from High blood pressure 

It is well established high blood pressure to be a risk factor for developing a variety of disorders, including stroke, heart problems, and kidney disease.

They have shown Stevia to lower blood pressure in several well-known human and animal research. Stevia aids in the reduction of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure (DBP).

Additionally, people who consumed stevioside had a lower incidence of a heart ailment known as “left ventricular hypertrophy.” Ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrest and heart failure are all significant complications of left ventricular hypertrophy.

It implies that consuming organic Stevia on a daily basis may help us in the prevention of various diseases. 

Weight loss management 

A variety of factors caused obesity, including physical inactivity and increased consumption of high-fat, high-sugar meals.

According to studies, added sugars account for 16 per cent of the overall calories consumed in the American diet.

However, Stevia can assist you in this endeavour! Stevia has a low-calorie count and is close to 300 times sweeter than sugar. 

It implies that people can eat stevia sweetener products with dishes like cakes, cookies, and sweets without stressing about accumulating a lot more calories from sugars, compromising their ability to lose weight effectively.

Diabetes control and prevention 

Elevated blood glucose levels are the reason for diabetes. And it is closely related to Insulin resistance.

Organic Stevia could be used to treat excessive blood glucose levels in diabetic individuals as well as to prevent the growth of diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity. Stevia may also help the pancreatic beta cells generate more insulin when it’s needed.

Stevia has a 0 glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) determines how much and how rapidly a diet raises blood glucose levels in an individual. 

People with diabetes should eat foods with a glycemic load of less than 50 since they are relatively stable.

Saves from Cancer 

Because of its high antioxidant concentration, Stevia is an excellent dietary supplement for cancer treatment, particularly pancreatic cancer.

Stevia appears to have the potential to fight cancer, according to emerging studies. Inflammation “is a fundamental component of tumour growth,” according to new studies.

Because organic Stevia seems to have anti-inflammatory qualities, this could be the factor at work.

Quercetin, kaempferol, and other glycoside compounds found in stevia aid in removing free radicals from the system, stopping them from changing healthy tissue into tumour cells.

Source of abundant proteins and fibres 

Because many stevia sweetener products contain extra ingredients, it’s hard to find relevant nutrition information on Stevia.

They also included these additives in the nutritional information on the box.

According to the study, “Stevia provides a rich source of protein, ash, and crude fibre. The human body needs all these for maintenance of good health.”

These vitamins are also “similar to regularly used cereals in India,” according to the article.

The study also discovered that Stevia contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, salt, and potassium in its mineral content, which “further supports Stevia as a mineral-packed nutrient essential to protect the body, control, and sustain the many metabolism processes.

Safety precautions of Stevia 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared steviol glycosides, which purify stevia compounds like Reb A, to be safe. They even allow them to use it in food items and sell in the Market.

Due to a lack of studies, the FDA has not yet approved whole-leaf variants and unprocessed stevia preparations for use in food items.

Appropriate dosage of Stevia 

It appears safe to say that Stevia, when used in moderation, could be an excellent natural sweetener which is also known as a plant-based sugar alternative.

Stevia has a daily consumption limit of 4 mg/kg.

1/4 teaspoon of ground stevia leaves equals one teaspoon of sugar.

A natural remedy for diabetes and hypertension is a regular stevia leaf infusion—1 cup taken 2 to three to four times every day. In addition, clinical trials examining antihypertensive effects have employed stevioside. 250 to 500 mg capsules given three times daily for one to two years can be helpful.

In limited research of type 2 diabetes patients, they gave 1 g of stevia leaves extract for 60 days to lower postprandial blood sugar levels.

Key takeaway!

Overweight, cardiovascular disease, liver problems, inflammation, diabetes… they’ve all been connected to sugar, and they’re all good reasons to cut back or eliminate sugar from your diet.

Stevia is a healthy, natural sweetener with a storied record of use. It is well absorbed and has no adverse side effects.

Stevia is a delicious alternative for individuals looking to cut back on sugar while also boosting their health. So stop consuming sugar and stay away from harmful artificial sweeteners.So, are you ready to replace sugar with Stevia? If yes, then Sugar Fighter has a range of Stevia sweetener products. Sugar Fighter is the largest Stevia manufacturer in India. So, don’t wait much and order now to enjoy delicious meals with a pinch of healthiness in it!

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