Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?

scalp micropigmentation

The cost of micropigmentation attracts people into embracing it as a hair loss remedy. The prices are low enough for anyone to afford. Thus, you don’t need to brace the shame of hair loss at an early age. SMP is an excellent option for people with thinning hair, but the shedding has stopped. Thus, you’ll have an illusion of thick hair from the scalp when the strands are thin and few.        

Many people fear having SMP for fear that the outcome will look awkward. Well, maybe they ever saw someone with a failed SMP. But when you select a qualified technician, no one would ever tell you had scalp micropigmentation

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

It’s the use of pigments to create an illusion of natural hair. The specialist prepares the dye to match your natural hair color. Also, the pigments complement your skin, eyebrow, and eyelashes color. 

You need a qualified professional to do a clean job. People with no experience may not mix the dyes well. It leads to a failed SMP, which turns blue or green. 

How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

The process of SMP is similar to tattooing. The difference is that it uses a tool with finer needles than tattoo needles. 

The specialist will inject different colors of pigments on one incision to achieve a natural look. The incisions will resemble natural follicles. Thys, no one would notice that there’s a difference in the pigments and follicles. The stains do not go beyond the epidermis. Also, the technician avoids using permanent dyes in SMP. The dyes used are anti-allergic so; so anyone can have scalp micropigmentation without the fear of allergic reactions. It helps to protect the head from nerve and blood vessel injury. 

SMP creates microdots all over the scalp or over the treatment area. It helps balding men to appear to have hair. Also, women with thinning crowns will appear to have fuller hair. 

Before the SMP process, you need to cleanse your scalp, especially the treatment area. Then the technician will outline the area of treatment. The outline will include the desired hairline. Remember not to pull the hairline far from the original hairline. 

The needles are so tiny. Since you need six injections in the same area, the scalp will look natural with tightly packed follicles. Also, the needles do not penetrate deep like a tattoo gun. 

What To Expect 

Many people don’t understand what to expect from scalp micropigmentation. They end up thinking that the process will boost hair growth. Although the pricking may open some blocked follicles, it doesn’t boost rapid hair growth.

SMP creates an illusion of actual hair follicles on the scalp. Since the pigments resemble natural hair, it’d be hard for other people to notice. 

The outcome of SMP is instant. Ty can rock your thick-looking hair immediately after the process. 

There’s a fear that a patient may end up with microdots that are larger than the follicles. The outcome would look awkward and unnatural. You can avoid this if you choose a qualified professional to handle your SMP process. 

It’s Just an Illusion

Scalp micropigmentation looks like real hair. However, you should understand that it’s just an illusion. You can achieve the look after a 3-4 hours session. 

Many men who have undergone scalp micropigmentation are bald. You could think that they long to keep their hair short. But if you observe closely, you’d notice that the patient no longer has hair.

Since women rarely keep short hair, they have their SMP with their hair on. The process adds microdots on the scalp, covering the barre areas between hair follicles. 

You can use scalp microblading to cover hair loss as you find other hair regrowth remedies. It helps you regain confidence as you slowly regrow hair from the scalp. Your hair will regrow by the time the pigments fade. 

It’s Non-Invasive

The microneedles get only at the epidermis area. Thus it is minimally invasive and painless. Many patients don’t need local anesthesia for the process to commence. However, you can request anesthesia if you have a high pain coefficient.

Several men prefer a bald look even when they have not lost hair. However, the hair regrows after a few days showing dots on the scalp. Suppose they have some bald patches. Then everyone would notice them. Thus, the easiest way to mask the problem is SMP.

How to Make Micropigmentation Look Realistic

When you get an excellent SMP, you’d rarely differentiate your real hair and pigments. You can achieve these look through three SMP sessions. The first session helps outline the hairline and create some microdots on the scalp. The second session helps in adding a darker color to the scalp. Many people finish the treatment at this stage. However, you can add a third session to add color and volume. 


The scalp micropigmentation cost is affordable to many people. Thus, people use the method to conceal the evidence of shedding hair. Scalp micropigmentation is vital in covering bald patches and scars on the scalp. 

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