What is the digital transformation potential of the healthcare industry?

In the last several years, the healthcare industry has tried to bring superior consumers to other industries like banking, insurance, press, retail and travel. The health sector has tried to turn volume-based care and value-based treatment into a paradigm. In order to improve client experience the health care industry uses digital transformation services. In fact, healthcare providers from around the world are actively digitalizing their services to extend the lives of the people. The growth in the digital transformation of business in the healthcare sector has triggered a seismic shift that also leads third parties including insurance companies to adjust their strategies. This is achieved by using digital transformation strategies from the ground up.

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector quickly proves to be a game changeer by deploying artificial intelligence and automation on a large scale. Chatbots for replacing human contact, for example, can help reduce costs and eliminate the need to see a doctor in person. Digital transformation facilitates changes in processes and actions by integrate consumers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders and encourages creativity in the development of new business models.

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To achieve creative and superior quality, it is a difficult task to reinvent the customer interface completely in the healthcare sector. On the other hand, health professionals and clinics that prioritise patient experience would see improved satisfaction. The vast majority of patients (roughly 97%) were satisfied with their first TV meeting that resulted in better relationships to their suppliers, according to a Harvard Business Review study.

Higher quality therapy is only one example of what the health sector can provide if there are global priority areas for digital innovation. Let’s look closely at the impact of digital transformation strategies on the existing activities of the health industry:

Adoption of operational dexterity quick cloud services:

Cloud computing has developed into a digital transformation facilitator for companies. You can create a dynamic and reliable infrastructure using the advantages of cloud computing to enhance operational efficiency by accelerating service delivery. Linking people to previously siloed networks and streamlining access to information can remove boundaries between business and clinical activities  cost to make healthcare app

For instance, a Canadian hospital successfully simplified its clinical processes by means of IBM® BlueWorks Live cloud services to ensure smooth business processes and reduce implementation time (a business process management software – SaaS). Health companies should use cloud as a means to achieve long-term growth and increased ROIs through a consumer-driven approach.

Big data analytics’ role in restoring the dynamics of the health sector:

Big data helps proactively to combine information from diverse sources such as online sales, social media, and websites for e-commerce as well as to unravel patterns for possible use. Big information makes it fewer prescription errors, better prevention and better staffing possible for the healthcare industry.

Enhanced preventive treatment: The so-called ‘frequent flyers’ are patients who visit the emergency room everyday, accounting for 28% of all the visits. Big data helps identify and develop preventive strategies to prevent these individuals from returning.

Drug errors are less prevalent: Big data flags all contradictions of medicinal products and the health of a patient by means of the patient record check. If there is a chance of error, doctors will be alarmed. Precise personnel with predictive analysis: Predictive prevision helps clinics and hospitals in estimating their potential admission rates and assigning sufficient people to deal with patients as part of digital transformation services. This saves money while reducing waiting times in an emergency room.

Healthcare Position of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is another emerging digital transformation initiative capable of imitating human decisions and data analysis. Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly opened up new fields of digital advancement in health care by improving diagnostic accuracy and speed. The introduction of data analysis can now allow medical professionals to use a number of methods of treatment. In their early stages, AI-enabled body scans can now detect chronic diseases such as cancer, reducing fatalities. For example, during the Ebola outbreak, AI was used to scan existing drugs for re-formulation. This helped to detect a viable treatment for the deadly virus. According to estimates, the annual spending for medical providers on artificial intelligence should reach $54 million by 2020.

Options for broad-based telemedicine

Telemedicine has become the largest part of digital processing facilities in healthcare. In larger countries where access to health services is restricted, telemedicine may be critical in large populations such as India, China and the United States. Telescope will offer patients from all locations seamless access to specialists in the current situation, when time of waiting is increasing. The development perspectives for digital transformation solutions have become endless with the advent of wearable gadgets. Patients are now under real-time supervision without hospital admission.

Conclusion: healthcare providers need more personalised patient care which includes real-time monitoring and data visualisation in order to excel and prosper in the modern digital world. Organizations must begin the development of ideas and implementation of digital transformation strategies to develop a business model that enables their operational and organisational capacity to succeed in a digital industry.

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