Important facts you should know about Six Month Smile Braces

Thanks to cutting-edge technology in orthodontic dentistry teeth straightening treatment is now meant for adults too. Most of these adult patients are concerned about the tenure of the treatment which varies from case to case depending on certain factors. The cost too varies directly with time; the lengthier time taken the higher is the treatment cost.

Unlike the conventional teeth straightening procedures using metal brackets and wires, modern braces treatment works discreetly without anyone having any idea that you are undergoing the treatment. This factor plays the crucial role in making the modern orthodontic treatment procedures incredibly popular in the society.

Other than invisible braces treatment or invisalign, Six Month Smile programme is steadily rising in prominence everywhere in the world including London.   

Life, in the present times, is very fast; financial commitments are very important and aesthetics is considered an important aspect. In this scenario the Six Months Smile treatment proves appealing for an increasing number of adults. This approach is assured to fulfill your aesthetic needs at an impressive speed. But before your hopes are raised and hard-earned money gets invested it is important to take a closer look at this modern aesthetic dentistry treatment.

A brief introduction

Let’s start with the basics – what is this Six Months Smile treatment about? The aesthetic dentistry treatment is an affordable way to straighten the teeth using clear braces that is suitable for people of almost all ages. The procedure is usually performed by a general dentist although in certain cases an orthodontist may be in the driving seat.

The procedure involves taking impressions of the teeth that are then send to the Six Month Smiles lab. There based on the impression sent the company makes a customized tray kit for the particular patient. The tray kit consists the following:

  • Clear or transparent brackets that are correctly positioned by technicians at the back end
  • The brackets are already set in bonding trays so that those are ready for use
  • Additionally the tray consists of all the supporting peripherals like wires and ligatures

Advantages it offers

Compared to other teeth straightening procedures – both old and new – this treatment offers some distinct benefits which can be summed up as following.

  • The treatment is discreet as you wear clear, transparent braces.
  • Compared to many other teeth straightening procedures this one is more pocket-friendly and thus easily affordable.
  • The treatment time lasts hardly six months; you require lesser number of visits to the practice.
  • The technique is ideal for many people with very mild cases of teeth misalignment that require only a simple cosmetic update.
  • The customized tray kit arrives promptly hardly within a few days of sending the scanned impressions of your mouth.


It has already been mentioned above that the procedure suits only the cases involving very minor problems. In alternate words if you have a perfect bite at the back and very little spacing or crowding of the front teeth the procedure is ideal for you. Unfortunately the majority of people have more severe problems to deal with. For them this is not a viable solution.   

Let’s take a closer look at the technical aspect of the treatment.

On an average the treatment takes only six months to deliver results. But at the same time you should also remember that it addresses only certain limited and mild cosmetic issues.

The procedure is aimed at moving only the set of the teeth at the front that visible when you smile. However the company claims they use regular braces with great design.

The procedure being discussed here never rectifies the problems with your bite, nor deals with misalignment of the jaws. Moving just a few teeth at the front can even aggravate your bite problem, which in turn leads to improper chewing and speaking with lisp. In more serious cases it may bring permanent and unwanted changes to your facial structure. You need extensive treatment to overcome the unwanted side effects which is both time-consuming and expensive.

The long ranging debate of Six Month Smile versus invisalign seems to have no ending. But the truth is compared to Six Month Smile, invisalign braces are little less noticeable. This is because the later braces are categorically made from smooth and flexible plastic that is molded to fit into your mouth accurately. However both lingual and standard braces are not visible at all. But if you are looking for the most discreet teeth straightening treatment then Six Month Smile does not fit the bill.

The procedure is meant for people above age 16. Technically that leaves out a chunk of patients.

Teeth straightening procedure is a specialized field that one can take up only after mastering over general dentistry. Going to a dentist who does not have the necessary skills and knowledge to straighten the teeth can be little risky to say the least. Correct diagnosis along with knowing the exact cause for one’s malocclusion problem is necessary in getting successful treatment as well as expected result. 

The takeaway

After completing the graduating dental program a dentist studies further for 2 or 3 years for specialty training in orthodontics. This specialized training helps the individual develop skills and knowledge about straightening the teeth and aligning the bite. To cut a long story short these additional knowledge and skills are indeed helpful to fix even the mild cosmetic imperfections.

According to oral health experts providing six month smile braces in London, even minor shifting of the front teeth may throw everything totally off balance although the case may seem very easy apparently. However at Chatfield Dental Braces, we have a spotless record even after dealing with a large number of patients over the years.

This has been possible because we customize the needs of every patient and every case that we handle is closely monitored by a qualified dental health expert. As a thoroughly patient-centric practice we quote affordable price for the treatment and also offers easy payment plans.

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