Various Reasons for Hair Transplant Failure

Hair transplant Los Angeles offers the best hair transplants across the country. People travel from far to get exemplary services. But, there are a few cases of hair transplant failures. 

Several factors can lead to hair transplant failure. Some are avoidable, while others are beyond human intervention. The key thing is to avoid anything that could lead to failure.

This article will highlight some reasons that lead to hair transplant failure. The aim is to help you evade the mistake and get the best result from the process. 

Unsuitable Candidate

Any person can have a best hair transplant. However, that does not make everyone a suitable candidate. There are a few factors that can lock you out of a hair transplant process. 

First, you need to have a healthy donor area. If the doctor opts to harvest the grafts from other parts of the body, then the parts should have healthy and thick hair. 

Some conditions can make you unfit for a hair transplant. They include autoimmune conditions, cancer, thyroid problems, severe anemia, and other diseases that lead to severe hair loss. It would help if you treated these conditions before you have a hair transplant. 

Inexperienced Surgeon

Hair transplant involves small incisions that need precision. An unskilled doctor can easily get you bad results. Worst still, the hair transplant may fail. It needs years of experience to perform a successful hair transplant.

Amateur surgeons should work closely with the field’s gurus. They will receive guidance on how to handle every step. However, there are a few who are after making money quickly. They set up clinics and charge low rates to lure patients. Do due diligence on the experience and expertise of the doctor handling you. 

Not Handling Grafts Well

Doctors at hair transplant Los Angeles will first extract hair grafts from the donor area. The transplanting process comes after the completion of the extraction process. The period between extraction and transplanting determines the health of the grafts and the success of the process. Select a clinic with adequate equipment to store your grafts before then transplant them to the recipient area. 

Placing the Grafts the Wrong Way

A hair transplant aims to give the patient natural-looking results. Thus, the doctor should place the grafts at the angle of the existing hairs. Also, they should transplant the hair at the natural dept. If the grafts are planted too deep, they may struggle to grow. Also, if the grafts are too shallow, it will be easy for them to pull out.

Poor Use of Donor Hair 

The best place to harvest donor grafts is at the sides and the back of a patient’s head. However, some doctors can extract hair from other parts of the body. Although it is acceptable, it needs great skills. Other parts can produce low-quality grafts. If the surgeon does not have enough skills to handle your case, then the transplant will fail. 

Grafts from other parts of the body may not offer natural-looking results. The doctor should assess the condition and hair type in other parts before using them on a patient.

There are still other clinics that harvest donors from different people. There are a lot of risks involved in such a transplant. You may contract infections, or the grafts refuse to match with your body. The follicles will soon die, leaving you with bald spots. 

Insufficient Postoperative Care

Postoperative care consists of a significant percentage of hair transplant success. Hair transplant Los Angeles gives you the best postoperative care. Also, we follow up with our patients to ensure they follow instructions. 

Postoperative care includes how you handle your hair every week. Also, you are advised on how to wash your hair to prevent the grafts from dislodging. 

The post-op care list is long. However, the steps are easy to follow. Avoid rubbing and scratching the scalp. Also, you should keep the transplanted hair moist. Most importantly, do not use harsh shampoos or expose your scalp to direct sunlight in the first month. 

Dishonest Hair Transplant Clinics 

Some clinics fake the experience of their doctors. Also, they don’t disclose the kind of tools they have beforehand. Thus, a patient will feel confident with such clinics. Sadly, most of the results are unworthy. Even if you decide to leave a bad review, the damage is already done. 


Hair transplant Los Angeles ensures you don’t have a hair transplant failure. We never allow amateur surgeons to conduct surgeries alone. They work as assistant surgeons until they have enough experience and skills to conduct surgery independently. Also, we do a follow-up with our patients to ensure they follow post-op care. 

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