Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai

Everything about hip replacement surgery 

Every day, many people undergo hip replacement surgery to get rid of the problems they encounter while performing their day-to-day activities. Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of diseased cartilage & bone of the hip joint and replacing the same with artificial implants. This joint of bone and cartilage is called the ball and socket joint. The entire procedure of removal and replacement with implants is called total hip replacement or total hip arthroplasty. You can get an idea of the hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai if you wish to undergo this surgery. 

Suitable candidates 

Hip replacement surgery

The most desirable candidate for hip replacement surgery is usually old age people. There are no rules as to who should or should not get this surgery. If you are experiencing pain as well as disability, then you are a suitable patient for hip replacement surgery. Most people who undergo the surgery are the ones above the age of 50 years as old age people encounter more problems with their ball and socket joint. Certified surgeons perform this surgery after a thorough examination and evaluation of the condition of the patient. In some cases, juvenile patients also undergo hip replacement surgery. 

Conditions responsible for surgery 

While the patients of hip replacement surgery are of all age groups whether teenagers or elderly, the condition causing the problem with the hips may vary from person to person. The type of condition that is hindering your routine activities will determine the type of treatment. You might be looking for the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai if you are suffering from one of the below conditions: 

  • Hip osteoarthritis 
  • Juvenile arthritis 
  • Degenerative arthritis 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Childhood hip disease 
  • Post-traumatic arthritis 
  • Avascular necrosis 

The need for surgery 

The conditions vary for each person and so do the reasons for which he or she might be undergoing the surgery. People usually reap rich benefits of a hip replacement surgery when they have encountered problems to the extreme and finally get relief to a greater extent, post-surgery. The reasons why it’s high time you go for the surgery are:

  • Hip pain that doesn’t allow you to walk or perform any other kind of routine activity with ease. 
  • No relief from pain even after opting for physical therapy or taking walking support. 
  • Hip pain that continues to cause uneasiness even upon resting. 
  • Revealing of a significant injury to the hip that requires urgent attention upon taking an MRI, CT scan, or x-ray. 
  • If you are experiencing stiffness in one of your legs that is limiting your ability to perform varying activities, you need no other reason for the surgery. 

Risks involved with the surgery 

Every surgery carries certain risks with itself and in some cases, serious complications too. With that, total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai also comes with a few risks that one might encounter following the surgery. You may experience a certain infection or bleeding after the surgery. Some people also need revision or additional hip surgery or may experience an injury to the nerve that results in weakness or numbness. A few cases come up for blood clots in the legs or the lungs of the patient who underwent surgery. Rarely, surgery may result in the loosening of the implants or a difference in the leg length. 

Post-operative management 

You need to ensure that you stick to post-operative management following your joint replacement in Mumbai. One needs to take sufficient sleep of around 8-10 hours while avoiding movements after the surgery. A cold pack once or twice a day for 15 minutes will also help in providing relief. The surgeons usually provide calcium and Vitamin D supplements after hip replacement surgery. Some of them also recommend the consumption of adequate quantities of glutamine supplements. However, the patient must not perform sit-ups or lift any heavyweight for at least a month after the surgery. You can ask your physiotherapist to closely keep a track of the improvement in your condition and help you deal with the pain. 

Summing up 

One needs to consider a plethora of factors for hip replacement surgery but the most crucial among them all is the selection of a good surgeon. A good surgeon will always instruct you and provide explanations to all your questions before and after the surgery. 

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