7 Productive Hair Treatments for Beautiful and Healthy Hairs

You might be a person looking for a natural way to keep your hairs healthy, nourished and beautiful, but what if your at-home treatments are not effective to drive better results? Of course, you must need the professional assistance of a hairstylist to deal with your hair and scalp. A good hairstylist will access your hair need and will offer you the most appropriate solution for it.

They are also equipped with the necessary tools that you do not have at your home. Therefore, it will be a good idea if you reach out to the hair salon for stronger and shinier hair that lasts longer. Below are some of the hair treatments that you may prefer as per your needs. Go through them to choose out the best for your hairs.

1.     Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that is already present in your hair. The entire keratin smoothing treatment is based upon three basic elements comprising keratin, conditioners, and formaldehyde. For those who have curly or frizzy hair, keratin treatment work best on them as the treatment will transform their hair into semi-permanent silky-smooth hairs. They no longer need to flat iron their hair every day. They not only have straightening effects but it does possess conditioning benefits as well.

Hair Treatments

2.     Scalp Treatment

If you are dealing with an itchy and dry scalp that results in flaking off your dead skin then you need to moisturize it via proper scalp treatment. The treatment will not only correct the scalp oil production but will also improve your hair growth. The central purpose of having a scalp treatment is to maintain the scalp and hair in a healthy and clean condition by unclogging the hair follicles. This releases natural conditioning oils. Furthermore, it is also great to stimulate the blood flow to allow the nutrients to reach the scalp and in an effective way to nourish your hair.

3.     Green Caviar Hair Treatment

People also choose to have a green caviar luxury hair treatment to exert a regenerating action on the hairs. The treatment basically is done using edible seaweeds growing on a seabed. The treatment has immense benefits especially after the color treatment where it seals the cuticle to retain color and then helps to prolong the color over time. Furthermore, it also helps hydrate the hairs and provides shine and luminosity.

4.     Hot Oil Treatment

The hot oil treatment basically involves the use of plant-based oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. It works by sealing the cuticle of your hair as they leave your locks that result in a nourished feeling while promoting healthy hair growth. Hot oil treatment will provide instant shine and gives proper smoothness to your hair. The oil is applied to the hairs for about 12 to 20 minutes and then rinse out. The treatment is best for both dry and oily hairs.

5.     Moisture Treatment

The moisture treatment is basically a deep conditioning treatment is a part of a regular hair regimen for healthy hairs. The treatment is perfect to strengthen and detangle the hairs. It is also great to prevent split ends and breakage. Moreover, if you are a regular user of heat styling, then this treatment will also provide protection from damage. The treatment will allow deep penetration of nutrients and proteins into the hair shaft to strengthen it. Furthermore, it also provides an outer protective coating against the environmental toxins and general wear and tear of the hair.

6.     Detox Treatment

It is a high capillary treatment that results in the reduction of root oiliness and moisturization of ends of hair strands. The detoxification process of the treatment involves the physical, chemical, and mechanical processes to give the hair brightness, flexibility, softness, and even protection against the UV rays. Having a Detox treatment your hair will retain a rich quantity of powerful vitamins that will improve your hair health. Apart from that, you will notice a balance in your scalp and hair growth.

7.     Relaxer Treatment

The relaxer treatment involves the use of creams or lotions to straighten and manage your hair. It is great to reduce the curls as they break down the hair strands and then chemically alter the hair texture. The hair as a result looks straight without any frizz. The relaxer treatment is usually customized to either remove frizz or reduce curls via controlled movements. Your hair will stay straight for about six to eight weeks and after that, you may go for touch-ups from time to time.

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