10 Important Tips Before Indulging in the Floatation Therapy

If you have planned to take a Floatation Therapy in order to feel better and enjoy your time, then our guide is what you need. We have listed some 10 important tips that can help you plan your float therapy in a better way. Let’s start!

Do Not Hurry Up!

Never rush to the appointment in order to take the therapy and come back in the fastest possible time. Remember this is not a meeting and you are not going to satisfy your clients with your quick behavior. Before visiting the therapists, release your stress and take your time to wander and relax. Smell the fresh flowers in the streets, drink your lovely tea, attend to a yoga class and just do whatever gives you peace of mind. By releasing the stress you will be ready to enjoy your Floatation Therapy to the fullest.

Avoid Coffee And Eat Light Beforehand

Before Floatation Therapy, you should avoid caffeine and other stimulants so that your body and mind will relax perfectly. Eating light also plays a great role in relaxing your body. Floating with a full or empty stomach is not good at all, so it’s best to have a light bite 60 to 90 mins. before your session starts.

Your Hair Will Get Wet. Bear This In Mind!

Not all people understand what they will go through. If you wear makeup then it will come off during the process. If your hair is colourful then salt will affect it as well. So this means that you need to show up for a float therapy in your natural state. SALT Float and Recovery has showers in each room so you will be able to cleanse your skin and get prepared for the therapy. There is shampoo, calming essential oils and anything needed so you can relax. There is also a hair dryer so you will not go home with wet hair after the floatation.

Floatation Is A Private Experience.

In order to prepare for the procedure, you will have that much needed privacy, that being said you will get ready in an entire private room. However, if you are not comfortable being completely nude, we offer you to wear a swimsuit inside.

You Enter The Tank.

Here you need to enter the tank and after that turn around. You close the door but if you want to feel safe you can leave the door open. Once you are inside the tank, your head should be near to the door, so you should turn around.

If You Are Afraid Of Small Spaces…

Many people have fear of small places so that’s a common issue you should never be ashamed of. You can use soft mood lighting option so that you won’t find yourself in a black space. You will also get ear plugs which can help you keep the echo of the tank. Just do some deep breathing and you will feel so safe.

Floatation Therapy

Don’t Worry About Sanitary

Believe it or not, SALT Float and Recovery follows all the standards to offer you a crystal lean environment. Cleansing process between clients is more than sanitary. Here the water is filtered and a sanitizer and UV light is used. Salts are also used as a natural disinfect. We recommend not being shaved before your therapy because a lot of salt will bring a discomfort to your skin.

After The Process.

When you visit SALT Float and Recovery for Float Galway, you will not want to leave it at the earliest. There is a great atmosphere and subtle music will be on. After the process of floating, you can rinse off the salt with the after float body wash and conditioner. You can also use essential oils to feel rejuvenated. Then you can wear your robe and head to the bathroom suite.

Relaxation And Excellent Feeling.

At SALT, you will enjoy your time to the fullest because these therapies will improve your physical & mental well-being. Take this Float Galway and forget about your hectic work schedule. Due to Float Galway, your body can reach a certain amount of relaxation, you will avoid reduced muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, as well as stress hormones.

A Wonderful Experience Like Never Before.

Float Galway is something you will never forget. Each person experiences floating therapy in a different way but one things remains the same: all of them have a desire to come back for more floating procedures. 

Why Rely on SALT Float and Recovery

Anytime you are in need of Relaxation Therapy Galway just book an appointment at SALT Float and Recovery. Here customer satisfaction is what they aim at, so you are guaranteed to spend excellent time like never before. The relaxation you will feel after the Relaxation Therapy Galwaycannot be described by words because you feel like you are in heaven. This staff does every possible effort so that you can rest to the fullest after you get out of the floatation tank. They are also concerned about your privacy and cleanliness of every corner in the spa center. The atmosphere is welcoming and even after the first moment you enter the spa, the relaxing vibes will accompany you.

You can also visit SALT for therapeutic massage and it will make your body and mind relax. The massage therapy is not just good for your body but it can also make your mind brighter. And this is one of the reasons why you should never hesitate to contact SALT. You can rest easy knowing that the staff at SALT consists of highly professional therapists who provide services according to the highest level of standards. Their floatation therapies ease your aches and muscle pain, leaving you so rejuvenated. Whether you choose this floatation therapy or massage services, rest easy you will feel totally relaxed. After their therapies, you will notice that your physical and mental well-being is enhanced. Just visit SALT today and you will upgrade your health!

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