Olaplex Products for Your Color Treatment at Home from LookFantastic

Many women today suffer from different hair problems. This is because of the pollution in our environment, the diets we are taking in, the contamination in the water we use for showering, and also the harsh chemical treatments we give to our hair. Olaplex is one such brand that has solved most of these hair problems. The brand has helped in making their hair soft, smooth, shiny, reduced hair fall, hair breakage and split ends. If you are looking for Olaplex products to be delivered at your doorstep then place your orders at LookFantastic online store. With the use of the LookFantastic coupon codeyou can avail of some cool discounts on all Olaplex products.

The Miracle Product

Olaplex has an active ingredient which was at first used among patients who had gotten an organ transplant. This ingredient was used to avoid tissue rejection among the patients and then this active ingredient landed in the bottles of Olaplex which has proved to be a miracle for all your damaged hair problems. Olaplex product is something which you will usually find being used at salons however thanks to LookFantastic you can avail of this amazing brand easily at your doorstep. LookFantastic coupon code will help you in getting these amazing hair miracle products at a discounted price.

Olaplex to be used in Your Hair Color or Bleach

If you are someone who loves coloring their hair at home, then No 1, No 2, and No 3 from Olaplex are the products you need to order from LookFantastic. The No 1 is the bond multiplier which is supposed to be mixed with your color before being applied to hair. If you are using a color cut or hair bleach, the No 1 can be added to it. This helps in correcting the color and avoiding any damage which the bleach might cause. LookFantastic coupon code can help you in getting the No 1 Bond multiplier from Olpalex at an amazing price.

Olaplex to be used after Rinsing Your Color

After you are done with the hair color and have rinsed the entire color out, it’s time to use the No 2 from Olaplex which is the bond perfector. The No 2 bond perfector helps in toning down the color and also helps in smoothing out your hair your hair will look healthy, shiny, bouncy, and soft. The active ingredient in the No 2 makes sure to protect your hair from all the damage and provides the hair and scalp with all the necessary nutrition to keep it healthy and safe. Use the LookFantastic coupon code to get No 2 bond perfector by Olpalex at an amazing price.

Olaplex to be used on Weekly Basis for Color Treated Hair

The No 3 Hair perfector is something you have to use on your color-treated hair once a week. This conditioning treatment helps in keeping your color radiant, avoids a brassy and dry look, and also saves your hair from any possible damage. Using the No 3 is incredibly easy, all you have to do is wet your hair and then towel dry it. Apply a generous amount on your hair and then rinse off after 10 to 15 minutes. You can later shampoo and condition as usual. Think of this hair perfector as a hair nutritious mask. Get your hands on the No 3 by Olpalex at an amazing price with the use of the LookFantastic coupon code.

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