What information should a medical personal statement include?

A medical personal statement is a major element of a university application. Some students also have the opinion that personal statements don’t matter as much as grades or experience but it is noteworthy that it can make a difference when multiple candidates have the same grade. So, why leave your medical personal statement on luck? …..Right. For the same reason, in today’s post, we will discuss all the information that could be included in your medical personal statement and more. Let us start here!

What to include in a medical personal statement?

In UK universities, a personal statement is part of your application to pursue a medical career. Generally, students write about their expectations after the course and why they have chosen the particular university. Indeed, it is the first chance for any student to give a first positive impression. One can stand out against other applicants and could get an offer. If someone is planning to apply to many universities, it is required to include some common themes or references. One can make notes of all the information that must be on a medical personal statement. It should have the following inclusions:

medical personal statement

Career Aspirations

It means whatever you want to study, why you have chosen that particular career. For instance, why do you want to become a doctor? How do you know that this is what you want to pursue? How is it going to benefit you and society? The answer to these questions will help you to write “WHY”.

Usually, two methods are used for this brainstorming process. One is journaling. In this, you first write whatever you feel about choosing that career in a natural flow. Then after some time say three-four days, review what you have written. If that appeals to you emotionally, you can include the same in your statement.

The second method is to read books and try to shape your words for reasoning while also mentioning how you become interested in studying the particular subject.

Skills or Relevant experience

It will consist of the details about the skills or relevant experience that make you qualified for the course. For example, one will specify how your existing study or work will help you to become a doctor in future if he/she is applying for that course. You can also include your positive character and personality here. It can set you apart from other candidates.


You can back up your skills and experience with your good academics here by showing your grades, accomplishments, or strengths. It can consist of extracurricular activities, awards or certifications, volunteering, leadership positions, or even hobbies.

Reason to choose the university

In this, you will write the reason to apply to the concerned university. You can be honest by quoting the university’s good reputation and the things you think will be well-suited for you while studying.

To Wrap Up:

From the aforementioned points, you must have an idea of what you can write in your medical personal statement. But it is equally important to make it memorable by carefully crafting a story to make it memorable as the university has thousands of applications to review. The best approach is to try to leave a long-lasting impression that could not be achieved merely by writing down academics, skills, or experience. So, secure your place in the medical career by writing an attractive personal statement today!

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