Usual Dental Hygiene Mistakes Everyone Makes

Dental Hygiene Mistakes

We all have been told to practice good oral hygiene! It is really crucial for protecting the teeth from potential damage. A number of typical mistakes people make with oral hygiene which leads to an expensive visit to a dental hygienist in London. 

Here, in this blog we highlight some of the mistakes which you must avoid for a healthy mouth in the long run.  

Brushing hard

Excessively hard and harsh brushing causes damage to outermost layer of teeth, i.e., enamel. One must brush gently as extra pressure is not necessary for removal of debris and particles from the teeth surface. In case you feel pain or any discomfort during gentle brushing, visit the dental hygienist dentist immediately. 

Early intervention can prevent you from serious complications and on time treatment can keep the emerging problems on bay. 

Brushing for long time

According to the dental experts, you must devote 2 minutes approximately for brushing. This amount of time is perfect for removal of bacteria, plaque and food particles from the teeth. In case you brush more or less than the stipulated time then either you unintentionally cause harm to your enamel or missing certain spots to clean. 

Brushing once a day

Brushing should be done twice every day! Remember, bacteria deposit on your teeth throughout the night. If you miss to remove them in the morning, it will sit on the teeth resulting in potential dental health hazards. Similarly, you need to remove the food particles and debris before going to bed for the same reason.  

Brushing right after eating

Refrain from brushing right after having something! It poses a serious threat to the enamel. During eating saliva that contains acids and enzymes assists in breaking down of the food. 

As a result, it softens down the enamel making it susceptible to damage with instant brushing. If you search for ‘best dental hygienist near me’ and visit anyone, you will be recommended to brush the teeth after half an hour of eating or drinking.  

Incorrect storing of toothbrush

Toothbrush storing is really essential so that it cannot invade your oral health. Instead of putting it into the drawer, just store it in the upright location to keep the bacteria away. Upright location to store the toothbrush will eventually make it dry reducing the chance of bacterial growth. 

No replacement of toothbrush frequently

Replacement of toothbrush periodically is really very important. As it gets old, the efficiency of the brush reduces significantly and hence it cannot clean the mouth properly. So, you must replace the toothbrush once in every 3-4 months for effective cleaning throughout. 

Using incorrect toothbrush

When it comes to oral or dental health, toothbrush is inevitable. Moreover, using the right type of toothbrush is equally important. Always opt for soft-bristled ones unless others specifically instructed by the dentist. 

Also, it is better if you choose electric toothbrush for effective cleaning. Visit a dental hygienist in Wimbledon to seek guidance on selecting the perfect toothbrush for you.  

Avoid flossing

Flossing is important to do at a regular basis! Some spots are there within the teeth where toothbrush cannot reach. To remove debris and particles from hard to reach spots, flossing is very helpful. If you are avoiding it, then you are allowing debris for depositing on the teeth degrading the oral health significantly.

Consumption of sugary items

Overconsumption of sugary items will fuel the bacterial growth. Even it will assist them to deposit at fast rates. Plus, sugar amount can lead to dental decay. Reduction in the consumption of sugar will not only promote oral health but also overall health at the same time. 

Inadequate hydration

Try to stay hydrated to keep the dental health in optimal condition. Drink water regularly in adequate amount to wash away the bacteria and food particles from the mouth and teeth. Moreover, dehydration leads to dry mouth which is a serious oral issue. It helps in thriving of bacterial growth causing potential damage to the teeth. 

Ignoring the gums and tongue

Apart from teeth, you must pay equal importance to other spots in the mouth including tongue and teeth. These areas host bacteria too. When you brush and floss every day, make sure that you brush the root, gums and tongue. For any potential issue, look for a ‘teeth hygienist near me’ online to address your concerns by a professional.  

Skipping fluoride products

Include fluoride containing products to your oral care regime. Use fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash for effective cleaning. Furthermore, it strengthens the teeth while keeping the potential issues at bay. 

Replacing flossing with mouthwash

Mouthwash is a pivotal addition for your oral care routine. It flushes the harmful particles while strengthening the teeth at the same time. But never consider it as a replacement for flossing. You should floss daily regardless of using the mouthwash. Search for a ‘private dental hygienist near me’ for regular check up and professional cleaning. 

Avoiding dental visits

You must visit the dentist regularly! It mitigates the risk of various oral problems. Professional cleaning of the teeth and mouth puts the bacteria at the verge of extinction. Even, during check up and cleaning dentist can figure out the potential issues in the initial stage making it easy to address and treat. 


Besides avoiding the above mistakes, you must take good care of your teeth and mouth in order to prevent it from significant issues. Even good oral care regimen will promote the dental health along with overall health. If needed, find a dental hygienist near meonline to visit and consult regarding your oral health concerns. 

They have the experience and skill to identify potential issues and start treating them right away. Even, additional oral care instructions provided by Wimbledon Confidental Dentist will help you in keeping the teeth and gums in optimal condition.