New age veneers – zirconia versus emax

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Dentists all over the world rely on veneers more than any other option in correcting imperfections of the natural teeth. What makes veneers so immensely popular in the dental industry? The reason is simple, compared to any other restorative dentistry treatment that is available in the present times veneers conserve the tooth structure more convincingly. Even patients prefer veneers treatment more than anything else because they know it can transform their teeth. If reality is concerned veneers are the easiest way to create a camera-ready smile while experiencing zero to very little discomfort. So why would not they accept this treatment heartily? 

Veneers are already a tried and tested solution to enhance the colour and shape of the tooth provided proper diagnosis and thorough treatment planning is done beforehand. It can also close diastema and can also mask up slight overcrowding of the teeth. In easier words you can say it can take care of a number of unsightly imperfections of the teeth that come in the way of your warm, symmetrical smile.  

An introduction to emax veneers

Popularity of e max veneers in the UK is simply sky high and this range of veneers is specially formulated from lithium disilicate glass ceramic. Even when applied to very thin restoration works the range of veneers made from lithium disilicate shows its true beauty while offering great strength at the same time. Compared to the traditionally used porcelain veneers, emax veneers require much less reduction of the natural tooth structure. Translucent and reflective properties of lithium disilicate closely resemble the tooth enamel in one hand while on the other blend perfectly with the adjacent teeth. To cut a long story short the range of veneers produces a perfectly seamless appearance to make your veneered tooth look like rest of the natural teeth in the mouth.

About zirconia veneers

Zirconia veneers are basically monolithic veneers that are basically made up of Yttrium stabilised zirconium dioxide and CAD/CAM milled. This range of dental restorations is the latest entrant to the market. Zirconia is a biocompatible substance and is the same ceramic that is used in making totally ceramic dental implants and non metallic joint replacements in orthopaedic branch of medicine. Zirconia happens to be a very strong substance although it does not have that bulky appearance of traditional porcelain. Unlike many other substances that are used in various dental and medical restorations zirconia hardly suffers any fracture or crack explains a dentist who provides emax veneers near me in London. Since zirconia can provide better flexural resistance than many other options used in dentistry it is obviously the most preferred choice of dentists all over the world.

Emax veneers and zirconia veneers – the basic differences

First let us explore the benefits that emax veneers offer.

  • Absolutely flawless and natural appearance
  • Seamless blending with the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth
  • Minimal reduction of the natural structure of the tooth ranging from only 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm  
  • Much stronger and more resistant to fracture compared to porcelain veneers
  • For added strength you can easily fuse it with a stronger material like zirconia
  • Average life of this range of veneers is within the range of 15 to 20 years provided a patient maintains sound oral hygiene and care

Now let us explore the benefits that zirconia veneers offer.

  • Zirconia is cent percent biocompatible, which means the substance fuses with the surrounding bones and tissues in your body in course of time, and so are zirconia veneers
  • This range of veneers is highly strong but does not have bulky appearance as porcelain counterparts
  • This variety of veneers is an excellent solution to hide intrinsic stains and dark areas on the teeth
  • An ideal choice for those who suffer from bruxism
  • According to restorative dentistry expert who offers emax veneers at reasonable cost compared to any other glass ceramic veneer material this one is much more resistant to fracture
  • Usually the range of veneers easily lasts above 20 years provided a patient maintains sound oral hygiene and care

Aesthetics provided by emax and zirconia veneers

Veneers are meant to cover up something that is not appealing to the eyes and this is how this range of dental restorations provides an overall improved appearance. Given this objective it is crucial that the material you choose for your veneers must resemble the natural appearance of unaltered teeth and thankfully both emax and zirconia are great in doing this.

Emax is although a better choice when aspects like more natural, lifelike and translucent are concerned and this feature plays an important role when the mission is to enhance the overall shape of the teeth. Most importantly, emax veneers can also make your neighbouring natural teeth shine through thus creating a perfectly seamless smile. 

On the other hand zirconia is a better aesthetic choice when the goal is to mask stained or darker tooth structures underneath. The variety of veneers is thicker and is also more opaque. This proves helpful masking dark colourations like those caused by extensive consumption of tetracycline drugs.

The veneer materials – zirconis versus emax

 Both emax and zirconia veneers are created using the CAD/CAM technology based on precise specifications from solid blocks of respective materials. Both come with nearly zero marginal error to facilitate a precise fitting at delivery. A dentist renowned for offering emax veneers at reasonable price in the UK using resin ionomer cement both the varieties also ensure excellent retention of the natural structure of the tooth. Compared to the traditional veneers made from porcelain both zirconia and emax veneers are much more long lasting. 

Price of emax and zirconia veneers

As far as the UK is concerned, the price of aesthetic dental crowns like emax and zirconia usually ranges from £750 to £1400 varying from one practice to another. Zirconia itself can cost around £675 to £1200. It is relevant mentioning in this context the Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic is one of the most reliable places in and around for this treatment. According to dentists several factors that affect the cost of both zirconia and emax veneers include the following –

  • The condition of the existing teeth of a patient
  • The number of teeth that require the treatment 
  • The kind of material a patient chooses
  • The location of a practice and qualifications and expertise of a dentist