Know These If You Are Pursuing A Career As A Psychologist

A psychologist has been trained to recognize the emotional and social behaviours of humans. They are trained mental health professionals to cure mental health problems. By analysing the behaviours, they suggest the appropriate treatment plan (Counselling or psychotherapy).

Psychologists can work with clients in their private clinics, or in schools, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, or in rehabilitation centres.

Main Duties Of A Psychologist:

  1. Through knowledge about the client and their mental health problems.
  2. Counselling the client for their betterment of mental health and behavioural issues.
  3. Detection of mental diseases (Anxiety, depression, or neurological disorders).
  4. Conducting group therapy or individual interview session.
  5. Assess the diagnosis and make a list of procedures for treatment.
  6. Take tests to measure the degree of mental health problems.
  7. Counselling the students by their behaviours and recommending the best-suited educational programs.
  8. Consult with senior professionals and discuss difficult cases.
  9. Conducting workshops on motivation, supervision, and hope in corporate industries.  
  10. Evaluation of group performance or individual performance.

How To Build A Carrier In Psychology:

  1. Undergraduate programs: Sydney University offers two programs in psychology:
  2. Bachelor of Psychology: A Bachelor of Psychology degree is a three-year program that requires the completion of 6 credit point units. After completing the program, students can work in community services, education, and health sectors. They can also think and communicate critically, evaluate research, and apply psychological principles to personal and group issues. Students with a Bachelor of Psychology degree can also be creative when it comes to solving mental health problems by using various scientific methods.
  3. Graduate Diploma of Psychology: After completion of any bachelor’s degree, a 1.5-year program.
  4. The fourth year of Psychology.  Fourth years often chose the job of a research assistant. Thus, these experiences help you to become an expert psychologist.
  5. Fifth and sixth (plus) years of psychology. Students can apply for registration as a psychologist after completion of a master’s degree.

So, if you want to become a psychologist especially a clinical psychologist you must study for six years and with two years of supervision practice. After the completion of a master’s degree which includes thesis submission, one can opt for several areas of psychology such as Clinical psychology, Health psychology, Counselling psychology, Forensic psychology, and educational psychology.

Recognition by:

  1. Psychology Board of Australia.
  2. Australian Clinical Psychology Society
  3. Australian Psychological Society.

Skills Needed To Become A Psychologist:

  • One should be good with excellent communication skills and always be kind and patient while listening to a client.
  • Studying a client by listening to their problems is a must quality for a psychologist.
  • A good psychologist must possess good critical thinking skills which will help to chalk out a proper treatment plan for every client.
  • A good psychologist should connect with another person’s emotions and feelings.
  • A psychologist should always keep every client’s information confidential.

Some Of The Colleges Or University Offering Psychology Courses:

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. Griffith University
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of Adelaide
  5. University of Queensland
  6. Australian National University
  7. University of New South Wales
  8. Curtin University
  9. Western Sydney University and many more.

Career Opportunities:

  1. Clinical psychologists:  Help the clients to treat depression. In this case, patients are interviewed thoroughly in one or two seating. This group of psychologists mainly concentrates on specific age groups, such as teenagers, women over 40, etc.
  2. Educational psychologists often work with governments and counsel children in schools or orphanages to assess their learning abilities.
  3. Neuropsychologists treat brain damage, genetic mental disorders, etc.
  4. Counselling psychologists talk with people or clients and try to understand their problems (Job issues, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and marriage problems) and help the client to solve those problems.
  5. Forensic psychologists can work with police to solve crimes. They usually help the judge to understand the complications in a criminal case.
  6. Behavioural ecologist:  Works in zoos and aquariums with animals and studies their behavioural patterns.
  7. They can bring social changes by working with different communities.
  8. Educates young people about drug abuse, and crime prevention and can work with victims of a crime.
  9. Enhances the relationship between employees and manager by working as a Human resource manager.
  10. Salary: Psychologists can earn AU $ 1,800 per week up to AU$ 95000per year.


The above information helps you to understand a psychologist and why they are important in society.

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