Five Super Important Protein Sources for Bodybuilding Diet

If you are into a bodybuilding regime then you have to understand that your diet is as important as exercise. In other words, you can go for as many weights as you like but if muscles are not getting the right fuel to grow, you are wasting your massive amount of effort.

Why You Need Protein

With a little research into the effective bodybuilding diet, you can quickly discover that protein is among the most important factors of your nutritional intake. In a nutshell, protein is a building block for a lean muscle. So, a lack of protein means muscle-building potential is quite lower.

There are several opinions on how much protein a human body requires every day, and it depends on your bodybuilding objectives too. Normally, you may consider consuming around 1 gram of protein on each pound of your body weight every day. One of the best and underrated sources of protein is glutathione. Many bodybuilding enthusiasts consume it and every glutathione powder exporter is facing its demand from gym owners.

Popular Protein Groceries in the Bodybuilding Diet

You are ready to go to the supermarket to find quality protein food sources. These foods are high in protein but not that high in other elements that will obstruct your lean muscle goals (i.e. carbs, calories, etc.): 


If you enjoy talking meaty foods then three portions of meat are typically recommended. The most popular and favorite is chicken (the number of recipes you find on bodybuilding websites show this). 


Chicken is relatively cheap and quite lean. Similarly, turkey is a bit leaner than chicken and has a high protein percentage. Lean beef (search for cuts that are red without any visible fat; if possible) is another massive source of protein.


Cooked or raw, eggs are among the staples that are present in lots of bodybuilders’ diets. Many people avoid the yolk of eggs and only eat the white. It discards some quality protein. Although it’s true that yolks contain most of the calories, however, it also has most of the eggs’ nutrients along with proteins. So, why not save some of the yolks?


Fish is a key source of protein and a plethora of bodybuilders live on cans of tuna. You would see many gym guys who would mix fish in a can of tuna every morning however, not you would have to dispense taste to start your day!


‘Fat-free’ or ‘skimmed’ milk is another quality source of protein. It can be taken as it is (in your breakfast cereal or think of homemade shakes) or in dairy foods. You have to take care as to which dairy product you pick. 

There are always some options for diet-conscious folks. However, you can eat fat-free forms of your favorite ice-creams, yogurts, cheese (cottage cheese is highly recommended), and more.


The veggie lovers among you will most likely know about the protein substance of soy items. Soybeans are synonymous with pulses. Thus, they contain a decent aiding of protein. Soybeans are utilized to make soy milk, tofu, and numerous meat substitutes; a large number of which taste like a real thing. This helps vegan folks as well as individuals with a lower capacity to bear dairy items.

There are a plethora of other food substances that are high in protein like pulses (another good source for vegetarians), nuts (good for vegetarians), cereals, and so on. Take time to research other ingredients on the internet. There you will find a massive amount of information in the form of forums, newsletters, websites, and so on. 

Using Information on Nutrition to Choose Your Foods

There are various food items in your grocery store or local supermarket that have a useful amount of protein. Today’s regulations ensure food product manufacturers display the nutritional content of their products. This has made choosing groceries a breeze. 

However, before you run off to buy all high protein foods you find, a certain amount of care is also required. Take some time to read through the nutritional information table completely. Not only are you searching for the protein content but you also have to consider

  • fat content, 
  • sugar content, 
  • carbohydrates, and so on 

If your target is to develop lean muscle, then it is a decent idea to avoid products that are high in calories, simple sugars, and refined carbohydrates. 

Are Protein Suffice Bodybuilders’ Needs?

No! Although, protein is a vital component of a bodybuilder’s diet; however, it is not all that suffice a bodybuilders’ requirements. 

Bodybuilders also need various energy supplements to physically perform their exercises. The energy mostly comes from carbohydrates and more specifically from complex carbohydrates. Therefore, as a bodybuilder, you require both high protein intake to ‘build’ your muscle and an adequate amount of complex carbohydrates to foster your workouts.

Now run and construct a quality protein list and hit the supermarket!

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