The Myths and Realities of Health Technology

What is Health Technology? 

The health sector is one of those that have had a direct link with the technological advances of the entire world. At all times, the health sector is dependent on the new advances of technology to make breakthroughs in medicine. There are many current types of research in the technology world that have huge applications in the health sector.

There are many organizations working to find various forms of medicines and devices that are enhanced by technological advances to cure many illnesses and diseases. Technology has a direct and indirect effect on the development of new machines, drugs, and devices to be used in the field of health and medicine. As you read on, you will read about a few of the contributing technologies in the health sector, along with the myths and realities associated with them. 

Myths and Realities of different sectors of health technology.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare


The use of artificial intelligence in health care will lead to complete automation of the medical industry. With the perfection of artificial intelligence, the need for doctors and technicians will be reduced to a supervising state. This would mean that the profession of a doctorate in medical sciences would become obsolete. With artificial intelligence and its application as health technology, the majority of work done by doctors will be carried out by AI. 


The reality of the application of artificial intelligence in the health sector is far from the myth. It is true that artificial intelligence has many important applications in the health sector, but the technology is not intended and cannot replace a human hand in any way.

artificial intelligence

Small tasks that cannot deteriorate the condition of a patient will use artificial intelligence to speed up the procedures for a doctor. An example would be that AI will be able to look at certain tests such as MRI and X-ray and diagnose the problem in a person. However, you will still need a doctor to prescribe the solution. Artificial Intelligence, at best, will be an assistant to the doctors. 

Digital Healthcare

digital healthcare is the use of technology to collect data and analyze said data to dictate the best way to assist the health of a patient. This involves the use of both hardware and software to correctly analyze health and the possible steps to recover from any problem. Many applications and websites are using the services of website valley to make the software user-friendly and attractive. 


With the use of digital healthcare systems, doctors such as general practitioners or primary care physicians will no longer be necessary. With the addition of health technology, people will be presented with the problems their health is facing in real-time and the solutions needed to be taken to overcome those problems. 


Digital healthcare is utilizing health technology to combine data about the day-to-day activity of a person to provide a much larger data collection to the doctor to be analyzed. In the medical field, the diagnosis of a person is not always a hundred percent accurate. The technology utilizes additional data that can be collected using dedicated software and hardware to have a much larger pool of data to analyze. 

With the increase in health technology, different everyday items such as a watch are being used to track exercise and steps taken to provide much better healthcare. There are many best website design services designing various websites and applications to be used in the sector.  

The future of health technology

The origination of these myths is mainly influenced by science fiction and is not always based on scientific facts. Being aware of additional information yourself is always a good idea before believing a prediction to be a reality. 

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