4 Poses To Relieve Knee And Hip Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is the most common joint disease that affects the musculoskeletal system. Millions of people are affected by arthritis pain throughout the world. Sometimes, it leads to the progressive loss of cartilage that covers the joint’s bone. Most people undergo painful surgery or rely on medications to curb arthritis pain. But nothing can work effectively for it.

If you also suffer from arthritis pain and find out how to get rid of this situation in a more costly way, then we congratulate you. Fortunately, you are exploring the right platform; because you will find out the solution that aids you in relieving your arthritis pain without using medications and spending much money on surgeries. Therefore, this post will describe the 4 poses to relieve knee and hip arthritis pain. So don’t go anywhere and keep an eye on this page.

Top 4 Poses To Relieve Knee And Hip Arthritis Pain

Yoga is one of the best ways to make your body follicles active and gives you ease in relieving osteoporosis and arthritis pain. It also improves your body’s flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. So, if you want to say “Good Bye” to your arthritis pain, add some yoga asanas to your daily routine. It can improve your physical function, grip strength, balance, and endurance. So, consider this article in which we will deliver the top 4 poses to relieve knee and hip arthritis pain. So, stay with here and keep scrolling below to reveal the notion. 

  1. Warrior I

Physicians suggest Warrior I to get relief from arthritis pain. It helps to strengthen the quadriceps muscles by maintaining knee stability. It can also control the degree of hip extension by centering the pelvis over the feet. To practice this pose, you must hold the chair and take one step back to bend the knee. Also, keep your shoulders over the hip and put your gaze forward. Practice this pose five times and get an effective result of it. If you want to get the trainer’s assistance, we suggest you explore the services of Yoga Studio Dubai. Their professional and competent trainer supports you in practicing the perfect Warrior pose that ultimately gives you relief from Arthritis pain.

  1. Bridge Pose

The bridge is one of the excellent poses for strengthening the hip extensors and moderate weight without overstretching the joint. Moreover, this pose also assists in reinforcing the knee flexors and hip flexors. Therefore, you have to practice this pose as it decreases the workload over the quadriceps and places less pressure on the knees, which ultimately helps release the hip and knee arthritis. To practice this pose, you have to lie on the yoga mat and stretch both legs with the help of the foot near the hip. At this position, you have to put the abdominal back upward as it doesn’t touch the mat, put pressure on the shoulders, and place both arms straight on the mat as your palm meets the ground. This pose helps you stretch your whole body, activate the muscles and tissues of your joints, and let your arthritis pain go away. 

  1. Mountain Pose

This pose effectively works for your arthritis pain. You must stand with feet hip distance and keep your shoulder relaxed over your hips. After this, you have to lengthen your spine, stretch your arms upward, straighten over the head, and breathe deeply. Stand in this position for 4 to 5 min and keep calm or feel grounded after some time. Also, practice this pose 5, 6 times, and to get better results, practice twice a day. 

  1. Side Plank on Forearm 

Hip and knee arthritis weakens the hip abductor, and you shift your weight over the hip, which causes pain when you walk. Because of this, the pelvis tilts downward and increases compressive forces on the inner joint. Therefore, you must practice the side plank yoga pose to strengthen your gluteus medius muscle. To practice this pose, you must rotate the right forearm and place your left hand over the right forearm. After this, you have to roll to the edge of the right foot over the right and press the hip upward, which engages the core and inner thigh with each other. Then lift your left fingertips towards the sky and your right forearm toward the mat.

Hold this pose for 3 to 5 minutes and take deep breaths. Same repeats on the other side. It will surely work for your hip arthritis pain. Therefore, if you want an effective and soothing environment where you practice our yoga asana, we suggest you get the services from hot yoga studio in Dubai. It will provide you with a peaceful and cooperative environment where you find inner peace and satisfaction and practice your yoga pose with the assistance of a professional trainer. 

Wrapping Up

The above mention discussion surely assists you in getting rid of your arthritis pain without using high-potency medicines and painful surgeries. Therefore, you must explore the perfect yoga studio and practice yoga asanas under an able trainer. It will help you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, don’t waste your time and grab this opportunity now.

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