Ayurvedic Summer Skin Care Regime

Sun blesses us with the most powerful source of Vitamin D which helps to absorb calcium in the body. However, too much exposure to heat & sun can cause more harm than good. Summers are often associated with scorching heat & skin problems. The humidity causes sweat that further promotes accumulation of grime & dirt on the skin which increases the chance of skin infections.

According to Ayurveda , summer is the season when not only sun is strong & there is heat in the environment but it also increases the heat in the body which is one of the primary factors that cause skin problems. So it is important to not only protect yourself from the heat outside but also take measures keep your body cool from inside in order to avoid problems like sunburn, irritation, acne breakouts etc.

Ayurvedic skin care is very different from your standard skin care regime. According to Ayurveda , it is important to take the right measures in order to keep Pitta Dosha in harmony with other Doshas so as to keep your body cool from inside.

Follow these tips & right products to create your own summer skincare routine & let your skin glow this summer.

1. Minimize your skin care routine

Primary step is to remove the heavy products from your skin care. Avoid using products that tend to clog pores & then allow bacteria to grow. It is advised to use make- up(only if it is required) & let your skin breathe . Try to use non- comedogenic & oil-free products.

2. Frequent Cleansing

Sweating is a common issue during summers, where sweating allows toxins to come out, but with continuous sweating there can be salt build up on the skin surface which can be harmful for your skin health & can invite other infections also. It is suggested that you clean your face with cool or lukewarm water regularly or use plain milk, yogurt as a natural face wash.

One can also use SDH Naturals best face wash for oily skin that helps to get rid of excessive oil on skin & reduce sebum products that helps to further reduce the development of acne on skin.

SDH Naturals Best face wash for oily skin is just the right type of face wash to use during summer season & get rid of any extra oil on your skin

3. Exfoliation

To get rid of dead skin cells & clear the blocked pores, exfoliate your skin with natural ayurvedic products like Neem, Fennel, Green Gram etc.

To reduce the damage caused by tanning can be removed by diluting Neem in Almond oil, it also helps to keep the acne causing bacteria at bay.

4. Moisturize

People commonly take moisturization for granted during summers & assume that it can be skipped but whereas moisturizing your skin in summers is as imperative as in any other time of the year. One can use a light non-comedogenic moisturizer that doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on skin.

At SDH Naturals , we understand that given the modern routine & busy lives it is sometimes difficult to follow a proper skincare regime to keep your skin healthy. SDH Naturals Ayurvedic products online are specially created to solve the modern problems which help to solve modern skin issues with modern effective products.

5. Protect your skin from sun

One thing that all dermatologists never skip is sunscreen. We are all the time exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays which can sometimes cause irreversible damage to our skin. There are certain rays which can penetrate deep into the epidermal layer of the skin & cause harm. The market is flooded with sunscreens but most of them are chemical based & might not be ideal for skin.

You can also DIY your sunscreen & apply it while stepping out.

Other than following a proper skin care regime , it is equally important to take care of your body with good lifestyle changes.

1. Eat Light & Drink Up

A well-balanced & light diet is easier to digest & hence help us stay healthy. It is important to include seasonal fruits & vegetables in your diet regularly.

With rising temperatures, we tend to sweat more. It becomes really important to replenish the body with fluids by drinking enough water everyday.

2. Exercise Daily

remember to follow a rigorous exercise routine to stay healthy & make sure to hydrate your body adequately after following your exercise routine.

Apart from following the above shared tips , you must try a simple exercising routine, meditation, breathing techniques to help you cope with weather & your mental health easily. A balanced body & mind will reflect a healthy skin outside.

Breeze through this summer season with ease by simply following some lifestyle changes & skin care tips.