How To Drink Water Correctly?

We know that drinking is crucial for our bodies to be healthy. Undoubtedly, drinking water correctly is essential to have a good state of health and to make the most of all its benefits. Knowing how to consume it, which water makes us better and understanding how to identify it, allows us to get the most out of the most important drink in our diet.

Of course, we all know how to drink water. It is clear that for our body to function well every day we need a quantity of liquid that can come from different drinks; surely we all agree that the healthiest is water. There are plenty of scientific studies, health organizations and professionals that highlight water as a basic and indispensable drink. Fortunately, we have many types of water available, but do we take advantage of all its possibilities?

Before you get thirsty: drink water

drink water correctly

Nature is wise and for this reason, since water consumption is a fundamental need in our lives, our body notifies us when it needs it, producing different signals. The main one and the one we all recognize is thirst. But it is important to keep in mind that when we feel thirsty we have already lost 1% of body water. 

This level of dehydration already has effects on the body such as lack of concentration, tiredness and decreased physical performance. We should not wait, then, to be thirsty to drink water. 

Let’s not forget that water is part of all the fluids in our body and fulfils a fundamental function for it to function normally. When corroborating its decrease, the body activates a series of mechanisms that not only cause the sensation of thirst but also secrete substances and hormones aimed at controlling the decrease in the amount of urine and kidney function. 

Drinking water correctly helps us improve our health and for that, it is very useful to know the mechanisms that our body has and to identify that we should drink water before getting thirsty. 

Generally, they tell us that we should drink between 1.5-2 litres of water a day (and even more if sports activities are carried out, such as running ), but it is also key to consider that there are ways that are more beneficial than others to consume it. 

In stressful situations: drink water

When we have stressed our body requires a greater amount of water to perform well. And, in fact, not hydrating properly in times of stress aggravates that state of mind even more; like a fish that bites its tail. 

You can go from needing 1 ml per kcal ingested to need up to 50% more. If we find ourselves going through a stressful situation, we should drink more water. In this way, a person who ingests 2 litres of water a day may need 3 litres if they are under exceptional conditions of stress peaks. 

Depending on the weather: drink more water

The weather influences how much water we lose. The higher the environmental humidity, the less water loss, and vice versa. Similarly, the warmer the climate, the greater the loss of water. This is important to maintain good hydration. 

The water that suits us best

Taking into account the amount of water we ingest in our lives and the frequency with which we consume it, little is known about it. The reasons why we choose it are often automatic or are not supported by any type of weighty reasoning; perhaps only a few people know the true reasons why it is a fundamental habit. 

We put on the table the importance of carefully choosing the water we drink and with which we cook. Water, after all, is the fundamental ingredient of our diet, and we must treat it as such.

Now, considering how much water we drink and how important it is, do we know how to drink it correctly?  

How much water should we consume each day?

Although this is a good question, there is no easy answer. Let us take into account that it is necessary to drink enough water so that the balance of fluid input and output allows the body water content to remain constant, taking into account that the volume of exchangeable water is 4% of body weight, which is not it is little. 

This is a topic that we explore in our entry « Water and sport: The indissoluble couple ». Although there are general guidelines for consumption, the amount of water we need varies from person to person depending on different factors such as age, physical activity, climate, diet, and other variables. There is no universally valid answer. 

What kind of water should we drink?

We cannot drink water correctly if we do not know the different varieties available and their different characteristics. Here Aqua Drink presents the different types:

Tap water

Many people drink it because it is cheaper and more accessible in a large part of the territories. Tap water is a good option as long as it is of good quality, depending on the hardness of the lime it presents. 

It does not hurt to analyse the water that comes out of our pipes to understand what the water we consume at home is like. In some places, the water is treated with chemicals and has a chlorine aftertaste that can be unpleasant.  

Prepared bottled water

These waters may have different origins and have been subjected to different treatments to make them drinkable. It is also called artificially mineralized water and it is water subjected to an artificial mineralization process and packaged for sale to the public. 

Natural mineral water

It is the purest water. The natural mineral water is, a water of underground origin, protected from all types of contamination and with a constant composition of minerals that give it favourable properties for health. 

How to consume it?

To complete our body’s water requirements, it is best to always have the best quality water on hand to be able to continuously hydrate. To do this, understanding which water presentations best fit our lives is the key. Do you prefer to have the 5L bottle at home so you never run out of water? Or the Ñ 0.75L bottle to raise your table? 

When carrying out your daily activities, do not forget to think about how to continue hydrating yourself: a 50cl sports bottle to accompany you with versatility in your routine can be the key, or do you prefer a small size like the one proposed by the 33cl bottle to add a touch elegantly?

You already know that there are many important details that we must observe when drinking water correctly. Don’t forget to have your bottle with you and continuously hydrate to feel like your best version. Water is a source of life and consuming it consciously is the best way to get the most out of it that your body needs to accompany you in your day to day.