The Ultimate Guide To Epsom Salt Flush

Sounds interesting to hear about the Epsom Salt flush, right? Well! It is no exception that the title is unknown to many but fascinating to all. But, trust me! Learning about the topic is even more fun. Not just the benefits of this detox are captivating, but the ways in which it is done are the most enjoyable task.

Well! Most of us have learned about Epsom salt in those descriptive essay examples in our colleges and high schools, but that was all for passing the exams and getting the grades. Right here, you will learn the mesmerizing and readily applicable ways of what this salt has gifted us.

Let’s enlighten you with the guide without taking any additional time.

What is an Epsom Salt Flush?

Before understanding the Epsom salt flush, you need to know what the salt is.


An Epsom salt has a physical appearance, just like the ordinary table salt that we use in our homes. But its characteristics and compositions are entirely different from the simple salt.

Table salt is composed of sodium chloride (NaCl), while Epsom is composed of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), a combination of sulfate, magnesium, and oxygen.

Epsom Salt Flush

An Epsom salt flush is a kind of detoxification of a person’s body in many different ways. These ways can be as follows:

1.      Epsom salt bathing

2.      Intake of Epsom salt for a healthy diet

3.      Consuming Epsom salt in drinks

4.      Taking a Fragrant smell of Epsom salt for detoxifying effects

These and many other methods involving this kind of salt are known as Epsom salt flush.

Historical Background of Epsom Salt

The origin of this salt dates back to the 17th century in the British town of Epsom, hence the name Epsom. It was found when the bubbling water from the spring appeared to be undrinkable by the cattle. It was also reported that the water tasted more bitter than the simple mineral water.

Later, it was observed that when the water evaporated, it formed a crystal structure like salt. The people at that time could not reveal the reasons behind this salt’s benefits but consumed it to get detoxifying effects.

After some time, the salt became commercial and was sold in the markets to let people gain the advantages of this salt. It was observed that it improved the quality of life, extended lifespan, and when taken on an empty stomach, improved digestion and bowel movement.

Not just these, but the salt is of primary importance to health when consumed through the skin, such as bathing. It has proved beneficial for rheumatoid, obesity, kidney problems, tissue hardening, and even quality of health sleep, etc.  

Epsom Salt Flush Benefits

There are unexplainable benefits of Epsom salt flush. To simply put, the mineral magnesium in this salt binds strongly to the carbonates in our body, hence absorbing and destroying it by eliminating these magnesium-carbonate substances out of the body.

Also, when taken through the skin, such as bathing, it eliminates the harmful waste substances stored in the tissues through the skin. Daily usage of this salt can be very beneficial to health. These benefits are stated as follows:

1.      Clean the liver and improve the bile duct during the production of it

2.      Help to get rid of dead skin cells

3.      Have a soothing effect on nerves, nervous system, and muscles

4.      Works as the best detox helping in waste products movement from intestinal walls as well as out of the body

5.      It serves a laxative effect, ensuring that the harmful waste is eliminated from the body as fast as possible.

6.      Soften up the hair and improve its growth

7.      Improve mental health activities through its meditating effect

8.      Cure sleep problems

9.      Enhance fighting stress and improve stress-related complaints.

10.  Help in curing different medical conditions such as arthritis.

11.  Boosts the immune system

12.   Heal the problems in the small intestines especially relating to villi

13.  Help reduce migraine, sciatica, headache, etc.

14.  Reduces the cravings, which is beneficial before substances are eliminated from the body

15.  Stimulate hormones, helping in the reduction of period cramps

16.  Clear out harmful bodily pathogens, including parasites, bacteria, etc.

17.  Boost energy level, hence easing the burnout and exhaustion of a person

Several benefits are gained through Epsom salt detox. To know-how, continue reading further.

Epsom Salt Detox

Epsom salt detox is using this salt in the bathtub or water to soak yourself in it to gain its benefits. This helps to draw out the excessive waste substances from your body, including any toxins.

A scientific study conducted in 2004 revealed that, after an Epsom salt bath, the body shows an increased level of sulfate and magnesium. This means that the body can absorb this beneficial salt through bathing.

Furthermore, the detox brings the following benefits:

a)      Relaxation effects

b)      Relief from pain and sore muscles

c)      Maintain health

d)      Manage your weight

Epsom Salt Laxatives

There’s no doubt about the laxative benefits that Epsom salt gifts to a person. These laxative benefits are:

1.      Osmotic laxative

2.      Faecalis softener laxative

3.      Bulk-forming laxative

4.      Emollient softener laxative

5.      Stimulant laxative

Osmotic laxative

This kind of salt is effective in the osmosis of the body. It draws out the fluid from the body into the bowel, making it softer to pass quickly.

Faecalis softener laxative

This salt helps draw out the water and some fatty material and mix it with the feces to regulate its movement. It helps in passing it by lubricating and moistening it. 

Bulk-forming laxative

This laxative is of a terrible kind. It can draw out a person. Consuming this salt can help absorb water in the bowel and its movement. Moreover, it bulks up the bowel, making it capable of moving out of the body quickly.

Emollient softener laxative

Epsom salt makes the stool soft by lubricating and moistening it, helping pass it out as effortlessly as possible.

Stimulant laxative

This salt type helps in the improvement of Peristalsis, i.e., the contraction and relaxation of muscles while the bowel movement. This movement is regulated through nerve stimulation, promoting the natural actions of movement of bowels.

Epsom Salt Flush Risks and Side Effects

1.      There’s almost no side effect of an Epsom salt flush through bathing. However, consult your doctor about your concerns if you observe anything odd after taking it. But the intake of magnesium or sulfate is slow through the skin after bathing.

2.      Flushing can also be suitable for children through bathing, but precautionary measures should be taken when making them drink this salt water. You can consult a doctor about this.

3.      People with impaired kidneys are never advised to consume Epsom salt water orally. This is because the kidneys might take a long time to move the magnesium out of the body, making the suffering even more. You can have serious health complications in that case.

4.      Pregnant women are not advised to take this salt orally due to many changes happening in the body.

5.      Different side-effects from the overdose of this salt are reported, which was more likely through oral consumption than skin consumption. These include:

a.       Dizziness

b.      Lethargy

c.       Fainting

d.      Blurred vision

e.       Lower heartbeat

f.        Weakness of muscles

g.      Variation in urination

h.      Breathing problems

i.        Red eyes

j.        Increase discomfort  

k.      Palpitation.

However, in extreme cases, the overdose can lead to heart problems, coma, and death.

Side Effects Of Epsom Salt Bath

As explained previously, bathing in the solution of Epsom salt is generally considered safe, and there are no reported effects of bathing in such salt. Similarly, testing before bathing might be a good idea. Use this bathing solution on a skin patch to test if you will have a beneficial bathing experience.

It is advisable to avoid using the solution on infected or injured skin as it might be irritating to wounds. However, immediately stop the usage and rinse with simple water as soon as you notice:

1.      Rashes

2.      Irritation

3.      Redness of skin

4.      Any allergic reaction like itching

5.      Discomfort or anything else.

How to Do an Epsom Salt Flush

Carrying out the Epsom salt flush requires some methods that might be beneficial to discuss with you. These are as follows:

      I.            Soak yourself for 20 minutes in the bathtub or    II.            Orally ingest the salt:a)      5-10 grams for the children of 6 years or elderb)     10-30 grams for adultsc)      Consult a doctor for consumption suggestions for children under the age of 6.Laxative benefitsThis can lead to a quick bowel movement to treat constipation or clear the body. It can happen between 30 minutes to 6 hours.
Take 20 minutes of bath soak.Glow and soften skin        i.            Soften the skin      ii.            Build the skin stronger to reduce dehydration of the skin    iii.            Reduces swellings and inflammations 
Soak in the bathtub for around 10-20 minutesHelp in magnesium balance        i.            Help in magnesium restoration      ii.            Magnesium restoration can heal people with conditions such as fibromyalgia
For healing the ingrown nails, soak your feet/foot for about 10-15 minutes in the saltwaterHelp heal and prevent the ingrown toenails        i.            Prevent the recurrence of ingrown toenails      ii.            Reduces swelling    iii.            Reduces inflammation    iv.            Eliminate pain
Soak yourself in the bath for about 10-12 minutes to reduce and heal your musclesFor muscle soreness and muscle pain        i.            Reduces muscle aches      ii.            Reduce inflammation    iii.            Reduce muscle tension    iv.            Reduction in muscle cramps 
For gaining relaxation, take a soaking bath for an hour, or it depends on you how long you can take it.For anti-stress, meditating, and relaxation effects        i.            Relieve stress      ii.            Help fight anxiety, depression, etc.    iii.            Promote magnesium in the body to fight magnesium deficiency
Apply the paste of Epsom salt wherever it is requiredHelp in removing splinters        i.            Remove hidden splinters from the body that might be tiny enough to be seen.

Drinking An Epsom Salt

If you are planning to take this salt orally, the best time would be in the morning when you have an empty stomach. To make a drink of Epsom salt, it is recommended to dissolve 1-2 tbsp of this salt into plenty of water. But remember that no more than 2 tbsp is desired to be taken.

The taste might feel bitter, so if you want to avoid that, add a fresh lemon into this drink to improve its taste. This drink is especially effective when a person is facing severe constipation. It can help improve the condition in that case and work as the best laxative.

It is also to be noted that if you are on any type of medication, you should consult your physician before consuming this salt. This salt might interact, forming several bonds in your body, affecting your health.

Preparation Of Bathing With Epsom Salt

You should follow the following steps for the preparation of bathing with this salt.:

1.       Fill your bathtub with warm water, but the temperature should not exceed 101.5-102o F (i.e., 38.6-38.8o). After that, add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt in it. Ensure it is adequately dissolved.

2.       If a proper mix is required, run the salt under the spout of the water. This step ensures a proper mixture of the salt in water at a fast pace.

3.       Also, make sure the mixture is soapy enough.

4.       At least soak yourself in this bathtub for about 10-20 minutes. This period depends on the benefit(s) you desired from the flush.

5.       You can always add some other product in the tup to get therapeutic benefits. These products can be:

a.       Lavender oil

b.       Peppermint

c.       Tea tree oil

d.       Flower Petals

6.       You can also add other products, but make sure you run a test before taking a soak. This is to ensure that you are not allergic to any of these products and will only benefit from them.

To Gain An Effective Detoxifying Effect:

If you desire to take the maximum benefits out of this salt and eliminate any harmful chemicals, the following are the best tips to ensure that:

1.       The Best time to get the most benefits

The best time to get the most out of your body through this salt is in the morning. Consume it on an empty stomach, and it will have mesmerizing effects. Trust me!

2.       Taking With Vitamin C

For the best activating effect of salt, you can always add some vitamin C substances (mainly some powder). It is also referred to avoid the spring smell of the salt with added benefits. Camu Camu Powder, Ascorbic Acid, etc., are some vitamin C powders that can work best.

3.       Function Of Water

The salt functions in drawing out water from the intestine (as previously mentioned), so you have to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Make sure to drink a liter of water just after the salt consumption; rest, you can consume water throughout the day. But make sure you take enough water.

4.       Fragrance

Taking this salt through smell is also very effective. Simply take some sticks of this salt that can help you clear out the body and mind.

5.       Effectivity

The effectiveness of this salt can take a longer time for some people (it can take up to 12 hours to work). So, if you feel flush but partial, it is advisable to take another light dose of this salt orally. When it takes longer to flush the material out of the body, the salt may become compacted in the organs, so make sure you try to eliminate it as soon as possible.

After the lighter dose, you might take 1-2 hours to flush. Quick enough, right?

6.       Consumption Of Fats

The salt reduces the fat level through elimination in the bowel. Hence, it is advisable to up the intake level of certain oils such as olive oil, lavender oil, or whichever you like.   

7.       Taking No Grains

Grains are, most of the time, hard to digest quickly. So, if you desire to flush your body through the salt, minimize or stop using grains to flush the elements out of the body soon. However, you can eat potato or carb-rich vegetables anytime but a bit low in quantity.

8.       Food Intake

If you desire to flush your body, it is advisable to consume bland food such as salads, broth, soups, etc. Anything heavy can make the flush process difficult. Eat only if you feel hungry. Try to eat something homemade. Soups and broths can be the best diet on the day of flush. However, you can eat some veggies too.

9.       Body Functioning

The flush functions differ from body to body. Hence, depending on your time to flush the material out of your body, you might not feel so well. In that case, it is good if you do not eat until you flush the material. But you can consume liquid stuff such as green tea, broth, etc.

The Takeaway

Epsom salt flush has cosmetic benefits and can also help treat magnesium deficiencies. It can be orally taken or taken through the skin. In either case, it is 95% of the time safe. Very few reports of this salt have shown the side effects. The benefits it has brought to us are proved through witnesses. It has treated constipation and provided the meditating effects that are inevitable. Words can never wrap up this salt ever!

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