Top Excuses for Exercises and their solutions

Most of us know the benefits of exercise but still, the majority of people find some excuses for not doing it. Despite our intentions for exercise, we find it difficult to go for it because we are strongly de-motivated inside, and difficult to motivate ourselves at times.

Workout Excuses and their solutions

“I hate exercising”

Solution– If you are not interested in weight lifting, there are many other exercises that you can follow. If you don’t want to go to a gym, you can enjoy classes or take up a new sport. The best way to being for exercise is something that you enjoy or love. It can be cycling, running, rope exercise, walking, playing sports, and anything that inspires you for physical efforts.

“I am busy working/studying/full-time parent”

Solution-It is a common thing and if you remain busy with some work, you don’t necessarily go for hours of workout. You can start with 20-30 minutes or less time exercise. Even the busiest people find some time to work out and try to find time for unimportant tasks such as watching television and social media time.

“I am too tired”

Solution- It is true that you are tired but exercising reduces fatigue and makes you feel more energized. You can go for a walk or do yoga and you will feel energized for the rest of whole day. Do work out when you are most energized during the day and for most of us, it is the morning time. If you need some energy boost, have a Mate Mate energy drink.

“It’s too difficult or painful”

Solution- No pain, no gain. It is not entirely true as exercise should not be painful at all. The point to remember is that when you make an extra effort in the right direction, you start getting results. If you don’t leave your comfort zone, you cannot be muscular. Fitness is more about the right diet and it accounts for 80% of your workout efforts. So, eat cautiously and do work out, and make exercise a lifestyle change.

“I have an injury”

Solution– This excuse is a bit complicated but there is always a scope of exercise with cautions. It just depends on the kind of injury and finding ways by avoiding any hurt to that injured body part. If you have a leg injury, do some easy yoga. Start once and see amazing results after it. Even exercise can help improve your body parts faster than before.

“I am too stressed”

Solution– Exercise can be a great way to take your mind off. For me, exercise and sleep is the only way to relieve stress. When you do exercise your body release endorphins which make you feel good. Doing a heavy workout can also be a good stress buster but if you don’t want something like this, simply go for a walk to clear the mind.

“It’s too expensive”

Workout is not necessarily to joining costly gyms or buys the state of the art equipment for workouts. There are lots of online free courses that you can join and engage with groups related to fitness and can change your thoughts and perception about fitness. It is best when you make exercise your lifestyle and results best for you.

“I am too inactive/ embarrassed to exercise”

If you are inactive, maybe you are self-conscious or comparing yourself with others. A lot of us think and related this with others. Don’t forget that every bodybuilder somewhere starts small and with consistent efforts and guidance, reaches the top. Going to the gym can be an intimidating task for someone but you can go for a walk with a family member or can do home workouts.


Hopefully, you have got lots of motivation for your excuses. Try setting some realistic goals and keep achieving them and you will feel great. You may want to achieve big but could not due to some reasons. This could be 5km running or completing a certain amount of press-ups. But, no excuses take us to our goals, remember this. So, start today and no excuses.

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