Top 5 Things to Know About Invisalign Services

Oral health directly impacts your physical well-being. Crooked, bent or misaligned teeth not only spoil your personality but also raise several health problems. Food particles stuck between teeth and improperly chewed food leads to indigestion and bad mouth odour. Therefore, it is never too late to start taking care of your teeth by fixing the alignment issues. 

Metallic braces are popular for several reasons; however, with the advancement of technology, better treatments are replacing traditional treatment procedures. Invisalign services are one of the many orthodontic improvements that have not only made the alignment process easier but also more comfortable when compared to painful metallic braces. 

Invisalign dental treatment in South Holland

Invisalign are the removable aligners made up of thermoplastic material called Thermotek. They are designed in the form of clear plastic shells that fit perfectly around the teeth bracket and are nearly invisible. Aligners pose no damage to the gums and inner cheeks as they are devoid of metallic wires and daunting installing procedures. Invisalign is considered much convenient as no medical assistance is required to remove and reinstall aligners whenever needed. 

Everything comes with its good and bad side. Therefore, it is imperative to acknowledge all the facts of Invisalign to make an informed decision. We have gathered here the top 5 things you must know before opting for Invisalign dental treatment in South Holland

Invisalign is not one fit for all

Dental problems come in several forms like bent or crooked teeth, chipped teeth, overcrowding, crossbite, overbite, underbite, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, Invisalign services not a universal solution to all the misalignment issues. 

Changing tooth shape, removing gaps between teeth, and moving teeth up and down requires the application of intensive force. Invisalign applies less force on the teeth as compared to metallic braces therefore, it can treat mild alignment issues. However, if the case is severe then you might need to switch to other treatment options. 

The dental X-ray presents a complete picture of the sort of misalignments that need to be fixed. Therefore, only an X-ray can precisely determine if Invisalign is the best fit for you or not. Some past dental procedures like gold flossing, crowns, or porcelain veneers might pose a problem in wearing Invisalign.   

Invisalign treatment It requires time and commitment

Unlike metallic braces, you can take off Invisalign whenever you want. You can easily brush your teeth, eat your favourite food, and feel free from pain and discomfort by taking off aligners. It might sound tempting and convenient, but it directly impacts the progress of your treatment. When Invisalign is not used for the suggested duration, the results are not satisfactory which might even worsen the severity of your dental problem. 

A person is required to keep wearing Invisalign for up to 22 hours a day which requires extra commitment and determination. It generally takes 9 to 18 months to fix the alignment issues but if you do not wear Invisalign responsibly, then it might take even longer. Therefore, it is vital to ask yourself that if you want to go for it before visiting an orthodontist. 

It affects eating and drinking habits

Metallic braces come with some dietary restrictions and Invisalign is no different. There are some food dos and don’ts that you must follow to achieve the required results. The first rule is to take off your trays while eating. One can drink water safely with trays in the mouth however, for all other foods be it boiled rice or hard nuts, you must remove your Invisalign.

Drinking coffee, wine, soda, or using chewing gum, candies, sticky food badly affects the placement of Invisalign. Eating with Invisalign not only damages the quality of brackets but also stains them. You would surely not want a stained Invisalign shining on your teeth. Right? 

Remember to remove Invisalign before eating the food, brush your teeth, and do not forget to install Invisalign back for acquiring quality results. 

Invisalign requires extra care

The advantage of taking off Invisalign comes with its downside too. Bad eating and drinking habits result in a buildup of bacteria leading to cavities and damaged teeth. It is therefore imperative to take note of several points to obtain satisfactory results. 

Remove aligners when eating and drinking to increase their durability and maintain their quality. Rinse aligners with mild hot water whenever you take them off. Clean aligners with the cleaning solution provided by your orthodontist to keep them free of bacteria and dirt. Do not use a toothbrush to clean aligners as they might be rough to their gentle surface resulting in cuts and bruises. 

Taking care of Invisalign might sound like a lot of work but you will find it much easier and convenient once you start using Invisalign services. Last but not least, do not forget to regularly brush your teeth especially after meal times to avoid the buildup of the cavity.

Invisalign treatment requires multiple aligners

Invisalign realign teeth using plastic trays or moulds. No one set of trays can perfectly fix the misalignments. Orthodontists design several sets of aligners for their patients to achieve desired results. Invisalign dental treatment in South Holland require patients to visit their orthodontists every 6 weeks for a routine checkup.

The orthodontist then analyzes the alignment of teeth using X-rays. You might end up using 10-12 pairs of aligners throughout your treatment. Continual monitoring is required to analyze the performance of aligners before proceeding to design the next set of aligners. 

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