Guidance Of Ayurvedic Doctor Online For Stress-Free life

There must have been many instances in your life when you must have felt stressed. Various human experiences are accompanied by a bag full of emotions. Some of these emotions can take a toll on your mental health. Stress is one such element that is inevitable. 

Regardless of the life situation you are currently dealing with; stress is always present. From relationships to work, today’s modern society is surrounded by it. While some forms of stress may not be harmful but motivating, there are possibilities that they can negatively affect your health. 

Extreme stress can elevate feelings of discontent as well as cause anxiety. Individuals may find it challenging to perform well at work or carry out their day-to-day activities. Additionally, their physical, mental, as well as emotional health may decline. 

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Therefore, ayurveda offers a holistic approach to curing stress and various other mental health problems. In this article, we will discuss stress and how an ayurvedic doctor online can help you manage it. 

Defining The Role Of Stress In Our Lives

Have you ever found yourself in situations when you are contemplating facing the problem head-on or simply giving up and running away? You may also see your heart beating faster than average or breathing heavily. 

This is nothing more than a chemical reaction taking place in your body to protect you from any harm. This is known as stress response which is also called fight or flight. Such responses also increase your blood pressure and create tension in your muscles. This is a way of our body trying to protect us.

Your ayurvedic doctor online will explain to you how stress is not the same for everyone. The ability to handle stress varies for every individual. One situation may be a breaking point for one person; for another, it may not be a concern. This is because specific individuals are better at handling stress.

Moreover, you must have known that people advocate how in order to learn and grow, you must be able to handle stress. This is because some stress assists in bettering your health by increasing your stamina and strengthening your mental abilities. 

Additionally, what drives you not to procrastinate and complete your tasks is stress. Stress also helps you from any accidents or harm. However, situations of prolonged stress, also known as chronic stress, can have a diverse effect on your mental, physical as well as emotional health.

Learning About The Primary Causes Of Stress And Its Ill-Effects 

Humans of the modern day are faced with situations that can swamp them and lead to extreme pressure on their mental health. This is one of the significant causes of stress in young adults. Often, we face drastic changes in life that can challenge us mentally and cause anxiety. 

Other than this, tense situations or feeling like you have lost control can lead to your body responding to stress. Monotonous life, absence of desired interests, abuse, and trauma can also be major causes of stress.

Stress caused by such situations can also affect your body. Mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, extreme sadness, or depression are consequences of chronic stress. Physically you may feel exhausted all the time or have low energy. There can be situations when your chest pains or heart rate increases.

Other effects include problems with falling or staying asleep, high or low BP, dizziness, and sore muscles. Individuals may also face lower sexual desires, decreased immunity, headaches, and digestion problems. 

If you are aware of these conditions, you can always consult an ayurvedic doctor online for a life free of stress.

Ayurveda And Its Relation To Stress

Ayurvedic science talks about three bio-energies or doshas that influence your body, namely Vata for air and space, Kapha for earth and water, and lastly, Pitta for fire and water. These doshas or energy levels help define how much stress your body is under, whether positive or negative. 

Vata Dosha:

It influences our thinking abilities, creativity, and intuition. When dominant, it creates a state of anxiety, sleeping problems, alienation, etc. 

Kapha Dosha:

Our confidence, passion, intellect, and competitive power is regulated by this dosha. In its dominant state you may feel angry, frustrated, irritated, etc. Other times individuals suffer from diarrhoea, hypertension, etc.

Pitta Dosha:

Stress is a result of the dominance of Kapha dosha as it plays a role in resisting any undesirable situation. Linked to strength and stability, when dominant, it causes fatigue, disinterest, etc.  

An ayurvedic doctor online helps you balance these doshas, rendering you a healthier body. With various ayurvedic treatments, your doctor will ease your mind and relax your body. These techniques will help eliminate any fatigue and increase blood circulation. You will eventually feel more empowered and stronger with time. 


Stress is a way our body tries to protect us from any harm. When our bodies can no longer deal with extreme and prolonged stress, our overall health deteriorates. Ayurveda says that doshas or bio-energies are majorly responsible for influencing our stress response. An ayurvedic doctor helps in balancing these doshas and eliminating any kind of negative stress.