Choose The Safe Water With The Range Of UV Water Purifiers That Care Your Health

A UV water purifier works based on the process called Ultraviolet rays. In this process, a solvent is boiled to kill all the organic matters with the help of a UV lamp. This procedure is just reverse to the natural process called filtration. As the complete practice of water purification in your RO water purifier is built on the source of Reverse Osmosis, the care of the semi-permeable based membrane, commonly named RO membrane, is of the highest status for the durability and proper working of the RO Water Purifiers. It is consequently vital to get a general idea of the working of the RO system in order to make sure its a smooth procedure. It would be best if you chose a water purifier after analyzing all the desired needs and water sources.

Your RO Water Purifier is typically fortified with different gears as primary Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, etc., for guarding the RO membrane. These apparatuses come in adding to the Ultra Violet light treatment model. The motive of the Ultraviolet ray’s treatment component is comprised in the RO purifier to kill the microbes present in the tap water. It is imperative to carry out steady repairing of the RO Water Purifier unit to confirm the continuous output of pure water. Besides, the RO Water Purifier also must preserve a TDS of 100-200 mg/liter. Lesser or more than this reference is not measured healthy as recommended.

For Ensure The Proper Functioning Of Your Water Purifier, Take The Following Precautions

Care of the sedimentation filter: The sedimentation filter is the primary stage of the RO Water Purifier unit, and it blocks the contaminations similar to sands, muds, etc., before reaching the RO membrane. Ensure that the sedimentation filter is cleaned frequently to escape blockage and additional and putting pressure on the water pump.

Carbon filter to enhance the taste: The carbon filter is the immediate stage of an orthodox RO water purifier, and it eliminates the heavy metals and composites like pesticides from water. Suitable repairing of the carbon filter certifies proper working of the water purifier and improves the water’s taste in adding to creating the water pure.

Presence of Ultraviolet light unit: The ultraviolet light kills the leftover microorganisms present in the water after purification or is added to the purified water to retain the TDS. You must ensure that the UV light is operational and change it if it’s not working accurately.

The use of Ultra Filtration: The UF uses fine fibres to eliminate the excess hardness from the raw water. So, you should change the detachable UF kit at regular intervals depending upon the condition of the inlet water quality and complete the water purification.

Need of filter Flow Restrictor: The rate of left-over water dismissing from the water purifier is controlled by a regulator, termed Filter Flow Restrictor, fitted at the residue outlet pipe. Make sure that you fix the proper filter flow regulator to avoid unnecessary water wastage or lesser efficiency of the water purification.

Ensure the quality of the RO membrane: The RO membrane is the main component of your RO water purifier. RO membrane of suitable gauze is connected in the RO unit in agreement with the inlet water’s hardness and TDS level. You must check the TDS of the purifier water periodically. If it is not in the specified range, check the condition of your RO membrane and arrange for a replacement if necessary.

RO filter works on the reverse osmosis water purifier technology and is known to be the best water purifier and includes many additional features. RO water purifier needs an ample quantity of water. It is proficient in eliminating the dissolved salt present in the water. It needs electricity to continue the operation.

This water purifier has the competence of killing and eliminating the contaminable. It benefits in the exclusion of the most hazardous germs and viruses, which can have a harmful effect on human health. It may also lead to numerous types of waterborne diseases.

UV water purifier

  • UV specifies ultraviolet water purifier as it is known to be the most effective water purifier system. The UV water purifier comprises several features that make complete purification of water.
  • UV type of water purifier functions only with the help of electricity
  • This type of water purifier does not have the capability of removing the liquefied salt particles called hardness
  • It is skilful in killing hazardous microbes, viruses, germs, and undesired particles.

UF water purifiers

  • UF works on an ultra-filtration method that is recognized to be a water purification system that is used in order to disinfect the drinking water. Such a type of water purifier includes a wide collection of features needed to purify water in a single treatment
  • UF water purifier does not exclude any dissolve salt particles
  • This type of water purifier has the competence of killing and removing the dangerous particles that are damaging to health
  • UF water purifier does not get rid of any excess salt.

Choose RO Or UV Water Purifiers after proper Comparison  

In RO water purifiers, the RO membrane is skilful in eliminating the virus and germs present in water by the filtration of living creatures. Apart from this, the cleaning holes situated in the RO membrane are really minor, and it supports the deduction of excess dissolved salts. In case of confusion, you can also go for the series filter technology that includes goodness of RO and UV. These two filters have every essential to make your water naturally pure and safe for every use. 

The only problem with the UF water purifier is that if unsafe liquefied salts are present in water, it is not promising to filter out the similar. RO water purifiers have the capacity to filter the injurious dissolved salts from water. Therefore, it can be said that the RO and UV water purifier is the best type of water purifier in the Indian market.

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