How is oral health essential to us?

Our human body comprises many complex systems, which are interconnected to each other by a system. Each design is dependent on the other for work. For example, if we have a problem with our teeth or gum, this can affect other body areas. It is also found that poor oral hygiene may lead to heart disease and diabetes, or other health issues.

Therefore, to maintain our body health, we should practice good health and practice good oral hygiene. People often neglect oral hygiene; they even did not care about oral hygiene. But people should adopt to practice good oral hygiene fem their childhood. We should schedule dental visits.

Why is oral health important?

The dentists of Corrimal suggest that if you do not maintain good oral hygiene, you are at higher risk of having more severe disease. These diseases also include cavities, gingivitis, and cracked tooth syndrome. On the other hand, if your mouth is healthy, you breathe, taste, swallow and speak nicely.

Common Oral Conditions

Many oral conditions affect both children and adults. Some states are minor, while others can result in more serious oral health complications over time.

Some of the common oral conditions mentioned by dentist Wollongong are:

  • Bruxism: This is a type of condition when you excessively grind your teeth during sleep.
  • Halitosis: this is a common oral problem of bad breath
  • Mouth breathing: this happens when a person continuously breathes through their mouth while sleeping.
  • Xerostomia: this is the condition when your salivary gland did not produce sufficient saliva, which dried your mouth.
  • Toothaches: when you feel pain in the tooth due to decay in a tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity: this happens when your tooth is too sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet substances.
  • Cracked teeth: this is often due to Bruxism or an injury that causes a severe crack in the teeth

As we mentioned above that oral health is directly link to the general health of the body. So let us look at the direct link between oral health and also public health in the next segment.

Interconnection between oral health and general health

A healthy mouth is vital for a healthy body. Many reasons cause oral infection over time. Some examples are tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and an unhealthy diet, affecting your oral hygiene and increasing the chance f cavity over time. Some of the health factors, which are directly linked to oral hygiene, are: 

  • Heat disease – We even not think that oral hygiene can lead to heart disease also. If you neglect oral care for a long time, minor gum disease will lead to severe gum disease. Further, if this is not treated on time, it will increase the higher rate of heart disease. So this is because untreated oral disorders will lead to an increase in bacterial concentration, which in turn reaches the bloodstream and also eventually reaches the heart’s valve.
  • Another chronic disease – The dentist of Wollongong also mentioned another chronic illness. Untreated tooth decay will lead to a higher chance of stroke at a young age also.
  • Effect on Immune system: poor health will result in weakening of the immune system, which will, in turn, also make more vulnerable to other illnesses or disease

To stop our teeth from tooth decay, we should take care of teeth. So let’s look at some of the points on how to care for your teeth.

How to care for your teeth

We should develop a good habit of protecting our teeth from childhood. This will also reduce the chance of developing minor tooth decay. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are brushing incorrectly, leading to more problems shortly.

  1. Brushing: we should brush our teeth twice a day. Using chemical-free toothpaste stimulus the gum and also prevent it from gum diseases and cavities.
  2. Flossing: proper flossing of teeth is also essential with brushing. It will also help remove the food and plaque particles between the teeth, establish a clean mouth, and help prevent gum diseases.
  3. Drinking boiled water: dentists Corrimal also suggest Drink-fluoridated water. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in rock and soil, which helps prevent cavities and strengthen the root enamel.

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