On-demand Medicine Delivery App Development in the USA – The Ultimate Guide

On-demand medicine delivery app development

Pharmacies are now online. Every local pharmacy today is willing to sell medicines and other healthcare products online through websites and mobile apps. There is no question to counter the fact that the need for medicines delivery apps is increasing.

There are several reasons behind the rising popularity of these pharmacy apps. However, the core ones are the ease of buying prescriptions, refills, OTC, etc.

Users can easily buy all the medications they want and have them delivered to their door without physically visiting the pharmacy.

On that note, let’s elaborate more on the benefits of medical app development. Before moving ahead, let’s glance through the state and scope of medicine delivery mobile applications in the USA.

Online Pharmacy App in the USA – A Quick Run-through

In terms of revenue, the global online pharmacy industry is anticipated to continue to grow at a CAGR of over 20% from 2019 to 2025.

The market size will likely surpass a revenue of $31.64 billion in 2023.

Moreover, the main markets with the highest growth potential for the medicine delivery industry include the US, France, the UK, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, India, and Spain.

These figures are surprising! Talking about the United States online pharmacy market, the revenue is expected to hit US$.66 billion in 2023.

During the pandemic, the industry boosted spending on medicines increased at a significant rate. The US e-pharmacy market has grown because of the increase in the use of e-prescriptions by hospitals and the extensive usage of smartphones.

Overall, the market for online medicine delivery is booming, providing you with an exceptional opportunity to invest in on-demand medical app development.

Benefits of Launching a Pharmacy App in The USA

Now that we know for sure that the USA is one of the greatest markets to launch the on-demand app for medicine delivery, let’s explore the many benefits that it imparts.

Gets medicines delivered to home

Smartphone apps for pharmacy delivery provide users with the ease of purchasing their prescription medicines, OTC, refills, etc.

With quick, same-day deliveries these applications help patients to save their time by not stepping out of their homes and walking/driving to the store near them.

With one tap on the smartphone, patients can order every medicine they need to their doorstep. On top of that, using these smart apps, even local pharmacies can now provide patients with a much more personalized buying experience.

Discounted prices

Discounted prices are another benefit that motivates patients to buy medicines online from a home delivery medicine app. Compared to retail prices, medicines that are available online are available at a bit lower prices.

This is one big reason why even first-time buyers become regular customers, profiting from the medicine delivery app business.

Improved accessibility to medicines

With the introduction of medical applications, the entire healthcare infrastructure has improved. Patients can now access every medicine they may need with a single tap on the screen.

In short, mobile apps for pharmacy delivery are much more focused on minimizing the delivery time.

The moment the patient orders the medicines, the store packs them, and the delivery partner gets them delivered – well, that’s how the entire online medicine delivery system works.

Contactless delivery is an option

Along with normal doorstep delivery, patients can also opt for contactless delivery if they want.

Although people are no longer reluctant to get hand-to-hand parcels delivered, this option is still a necessity for some.

Wider choices

Pharmacy delivery applications are a boon for customers because here they can find a wider choice of stores and marketplaces to buy from.

Therefore, using the mobile app, patients can easily look for the best medication they want, compare the prices, and simply place the order.

Another perk of using the pharmacy delivery application is that the patients can get at-hand information about the medicine they are buying. Therefore, without researching information about medicine on the web and wasting their time, patients can easily buy them quickly.

How to Build a Feature-rich Online Pharmacy Delivery App?

To develop the pharmacy delivery app, you have two options, either to build it from scratch or get a pre-built solution.

Ideally, entrepreneurs prefer investing in a ready-made application over developing it from scratch. You may be wondering why.

Well, here are the reasons why entrepreneurs think of splurging money on a pre-built medicine delivery app.

1.   They are quick to launch

Ready-made apps are quick to launch as it takes only a couple of weeks or less for app developers to white-label the base app.

Thus, as per the business’s requirements, white-labeling experts can customize the app with their branding, preferred payment & SMS gateways, currencies, etc.

2.   You can develop the app at an affordable price

The ready-made application is affordable to develop and launch. It eliminates all the hassles of splurging money on starting the app development process from scratch.

To be precise, as the app owner, you won’t have to spend on hiring a team of professionals, buying expensive software licenses, buying/renting an office, and so on.

Therefore, without spending millions, you can get the app up and running in no time.

3.   No headache when it comes to “development” and “launch”

As the online pharmacy delivery app owner, you don’t have to worry about developing the app or launching it on the app store on your own.

The expert app developers will do that for you!

All you have to do is discuss your requirements with these experts, review the app before the launch, and you’re all set to go live.

Now, if you are contemplating whether the ready-made app that you’ll get will be suitable for your business or not, here are the tips that will help you figure that out.

  • Test the demo application provided by the white-labeling firm.
  • Check the quality of the demo app to get an idea if it fits your medicine app requirements or not.
  • See if the features available in the application are advanced. For instance, see to it that the app has a real-time tracking feature, in-app calling/messaging, upload prescription option, log-in with biometric authentication, multiple payment options, etc.
  • Also, go through the technology stack of the application.

Need Ideas? 

Check out the top 3 medicine delivery apps popular in the USA. You can easily find ideas for developing your own on-demand application plus identify what you can do better than the competitors.

CVS Pharmacy

You can develop a CVS Pharmacy clone application.

It’s one of the largest chains of pharmacy stores in the USA, offering medicines and other health products to users with a single tap on the screen.

Key features of this pharmacy app are:

  • User-friendliness
  • Wider variety
  • Seamless delivery

Capsule Pharmacy

If you want to develop a pharmacy delivery app that offers same-day delivery, then you must invest in building a Capsule Pharmacy Clone.

Capsule Pharmacy is a US-based medicine delivery application that is integrated with impressive features, generating revenues of millions of dollars for the business.

Key features of this pharmacy app are:

  • Seeing the prescription
  • Comparing the cost of the medicines
  • How many doses one must take
  • Chat with a pharmacist 24/7 


Want to develop and launch a medicine delivery app in the United States, then, think about investing in the development of PillPack Clone.

PillPack is an Amazon-owned online pharmacy app that delivers medicines to customers without charging them a “delivery fee”.

Key features of this pharmacy app are

  • Real-time notifications
  • Online dashboard for users to manage their refills, prescriptions, and medicine shipments.

Final Words:

On-demand medicine delivery app development is not complicated. However, you as the app owner must be careful about the solution that you purchase, what features you integrate, the technology stack used, and so on.

To be honest, pharmacy delivery apps have already made a big difference in the industry and they are assumed to continue to do so.

So, if you are determined to launch your on-demand app for medicine delivery in the USA, you need to find the best app developers.

Leverage the ready-made pharmacy applications and establish a business with your brand name, attract more customers, and start making profits.

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