How to Make Kratom a Part of Your Wellness Regimen

Following a wellness regimen provides a wide range of benefits, such as relieving stress, increasing energy and productivity, and generally providing a boost to your self-esteem. Moreover, simply having a healthy, established routine limits the temptation of many poor habits that may cause health problems. The best wellness routines incorporate regular exercise, meditation and other mindfulness techniques, balanced diets, meeting the sleep requirements for your age group, and therapeutic supplements and herbs. We reached out to the experts at Kratora to create a brief guide on how kratom can be incorporated into a healthy wellness regimen.

About Kratom

Kratom originates from a tree native to southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries by farmers because of its potential health benefits. Kratom is not currently regulated by the FDA, but many people have spoken about its various positive effects.

kratom wellness regimen

Types of Kratom

Kratom comes in various types, also known as strains or colors. Kratom is often categorized by the color of the leaf veins. Red-vein kratom is made from the most mature leaves and is the best-selling variety known for soothing discomfort and calming a busy mind. When the plant is harvested at its youngest, you get white-vein kratom, which can be considered a coffee alternative. Users often describe it as being uplifting and energizing. Green-vein kratom is a best-of-both-worlds option, easing mild discomfort as well as providing an energy boost.

How to Purchase Kratom

Kratom leaves are usually imported from southeast Asia, then dried and milled into a fine powder. Many companies will sell the powder as is, or package it into capsules. You can also purchase kratom extracts and even kratom gummies. It is easiest and most convenient to buy kratom online. Since kratom is not federally regulated, no government body checks the quality and safety of kratom products. It is important to only purchase kratom from a company that conducts third party lab testing and ethically harvests the leaves. Trustworthy companies, like Kratora, will proudly share their lab results with their customers.

Kratom and Wellness

Kratom and wellness go hand-in-hand. The purpose for wellness regimens is to reduce stress, embrace mindfulness practices, and generally feel better in your own skin. Before purchasing kratom to enhance your wellness, it’s important to have a proper understanding of its potential effects.

Studies Supporting Kratom

Researchers at the University of Rochester and University of British Columbia conducted a study that found kratom use alleviated many negative mental health effects for participants, such as providing a boost to their mood or calming busy minds. Moreover, researchers at the University of Florida conducted a series of studies on reward potential of kratom in rats, finding evidence that the alkaloids in kratom tested do not show potential for abuse.

Building a Wellness Regimen

If you don’t already have a wellness regimen, it’s easier to build one that you’ll stick to if you start small. Rather than change your entire diet and exercise routine overnight, make a couple small adjustments at a time. For example, you can make the choice to eliminate added sugar from your breakfast every morning, rather than eliminate added sugar from your entire diet. For someone looking to introduce more physical activity into their daily life, you could start every day with a 15 minute walk. The most important part of your wellness regimen isn’t how many healthy habits you are adopting, but how consistent you can be with those habits.

How Kratom Fits Into Your Wellness Regimen

Whether you have a wellness routine already or not, kratom is an easy herbal supplement to incorporate into it. For instance, Statista found that 74% of Americans drink coffee every day. In order to keep you more alert, the caffeine in coffee raises your cortisol levels. This can bring unwelcome stress and anxiety into your mornings. By replacing your morning coffee with an invigorating kratom strain, such as white- or green-vein kratom, could have an uplifting effect on your overall mood.

Moreover, for those struggling to get in proper exercise and stretching in their everyday routine due to daily aches and pains, kratom may offer relief from discomfort. Exercise and stretching over time will also help ease body aches, but it can be difficult to start from scratch and kratom may soothe discomfort in the meantime.

Prioritize Wellness

Maintaining healthy habits as part of a wellness regimen can greatly improve your quality of life. Wellness routines can look different for everybody, so it can be beneficial to experiment with various options and recommendations to find what works best for you. Kratom is found by many to be relaxing, comforting, and energizing. If you’re looking to boost your own focus and productivity, consider buying kratom.