Invisalign Lite – the convenient and assured way to overcome your orthodontic issues

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What is Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign Lite is an Invisalign treatment which includes an easy and simplified approach to straighten the teeth. The procedure is suitable for those who suffer from orthodontic problems ranging from mild to moderate. In other words you can say this specialised treatment addresses issues that do not require intervention of Invisalign Full treatment which provides more comprehensive scope of treatment. Invisalign Lite uses the same clear transparent, easily removable aligner trays made from high grade thermoplastic which are custom fitted to your teeth that other Invisalign treatments use. The Lite treatment offers more customised solutions to specific cases of malocclusion of the teeth.

How does Invisalign Lite work?

The Invisalign Lite treatment makes use of a progressive series of clear aligner trays. Each aligner set is meant to exert calculated pressure on few particular teeth in your mouth. The treatment formally starts with an all-round and extensive evaluation of your mouth. A qualified dentist specialised in Invisalign treatment carries out this evaluation and the treatment makes use of the advanced 3D imaging technology. Based on the 3D image of an individual’s mouth the dentist prepares the entire customised treatment plan and custom fitted aligner trays are prepared in a remote Invisalign lab. These aligners actually guide your teeth into their desired positions in a gradual manner over a period of few weeks or months. 

As it is already mentioned above, Invisalign Lite is an effective treatment in correcting many orthodontic issues ranging from mild to moderate in complexity. Invisalign experts across every corner of the globe opine that this treatment offers a more focused and streamlined solution to the orthodontic cases it handles.   

How do you know your orthodontic needs are best corrected by Invisalign Lite?

In order to determine the appropriateness of the Invisalign Lite treatment it is important to thoroughly evaluate the nature of the orthodontic issues. If the issues range anywhere from mild to moderate – like minor spacing or crowding – then Invisalign Lite could be an appropriate option. When you consult with skilled and experienced orthodontic treatment providers a lot of personalised information gets unearthed based on which the expert can determine whether Lite Invisalign can cater to the unique dental needs and treatment goals of an individual. 

It is important to mention in the same context that Invisalign Lite proves to be a versatile and reliable alternative for people who look for a targeted approach for enhanced orthodontics. 

Now in the following section of the post let us explore few simple tips to make your Invisalign Lite treatment more effective. 

How to make your Invisalign Lite treatment more effective

  • You should brush and floss the teeth properly every day

Keeping your gums and the teeth clean, hygienic and healthy throughout the extent of your Lite Invisalign treatment is crucial and so you should brush twice and floss the teeth once daily in the proper way while you are on the treatment. These simple measures of properly brushing and flossing the teeth go a long way to keep your teeth and the gums strong, healthy and free from diseases.

  • It is better to avoid certain drinks and foods during your treatment

Certain foods and drinks may stain your clear aligner trays easily, like coffee, red wine, dark berries, tea and others. It is better to avoid those foods and drinks throughout the phase while you are on your Lite Invisalign journey. It is important for you to keep in mind that once stains catch up with your aligners, the clear transparent dental appliances will turn easily noticeable in no time warns a busy dentist who handles a large number of Invisalign Lite patients in London round the year.

  • Always leave your aligner trays in a safe place 

Whenever you take your aligner trays out of the mouth make sure to keep those in a safe place so that there is no accidental damage. The safest place to keep your aligners is the case that is meant to park the appliances while not in use and that came along as a part of your Invisalign kit. When you keep your aligner trays in the case not only you protect it from accidental damage or misplacement but also make sure your appliances are in a hygienic environment away from dirt and dust. The last thing you should do in this context is placing the aligners in a napkin because that way these tiny appliances get most easily lost.

  • Follow up with your treatment provider

There should not be any lapse in following up with your treatment provider at regular intervals throughout the course of your treatment. You should attend every scheduled appointment with the expert. Now, you may ask why these appointments are so important to attend. During these appointments your Lite Invisalign treatment provider actually monitors the progress of the treatment and if they feel like they may even make necessary changes and minute adjustments in your treatment plan to ensure more predictable results.

You should follow these tips carefully to ensure desired results at the end of your treatment, suggests a dentist who handles Invisalign Lite cases in the UK.

Is Invisalign Lite really worth?

This is certainly an obvious question especially at this stage of our discussion. Whether Invisalign Lite is really worth depends upon a number of factors like –

  • The level of complexity involved in a given case and
  • Personal preferences and expectations of a patient

Let us explore few pros and cons of Invisalign Lite UK cost which will help you make an informed decision over the matter. Let us first start with pros –

  • Removable aligners impose no dietary restriction on patients. You can clean your mouth easily and properly and can also enjoy your favourite foods and drinks throughout the course of your treatment. This is a major advantage compared to traditional fixed braces.
  • Most importantly Invisalign Lite offers discreet treatment. The clear transparent aligner trays remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. It is aesthetically far more pleasing option compared to conventional braces.    
  • Shorter length of treatment is another big advantage the treatment offers; it makes much shorter time than traditional braces to settle your orthodontic issues.

 Now let us explore few cons that this treatment offers.

  • Lite Invisalign is only limited for cases that involve mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you have a severe problem related to the misalignment of your teeth or the jaws then this may not be an ideal option.
  • According to dentists working at the renowned Bayswater Dental Clinic in London Invisalign Lite treatment could be more expensive than traditional braces in certain cases.
  • To secure desired and predictable results you must wear your Invisalign Lite aligners at least 20 to 22 hours a day. If you cannot comply with this rule then you will not get your desired results.