How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Summertime

Summer is always a much-awaited season. Be that as it may, it’s essential to protect your delicate skin from the sun’s rays. Before heading off to enjoy your vacation plans, you must know how to protect your skin from the harsh conditions brought on by summertime. 

Let this article serve as your guide on how you can take care of your skin under the blazing heat of summer.

8 Ways to Protect and Take Care of Your Skin

Intense summer heat increases the chances of water loss from the body, which leads to dehydration. If left unprotected, staying in hot weather can cause red, dry, and irritated skin. Summer heat also often means more sweat and oil, affecting your skin health. Battle summer skin problems in the following ways.

1.)   Sunscreen is your best friend

It’s a must to apply layers of sunscreen whenever you’re out, especially during summer. You do not want to have the wrong kind of glowing skin because of the sun’s harsh effect. It would be best to choose a sunscreen with a broad ultraviolet spectrum with 30-50 SPF that can protect you from UVA rays

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before leaving for your destination. Reapplication is also essential, preferably every three hours while out in the sun. When you apply, ensure that the sunscreen covers exposed body parts like the neck, hands, feet, and shoulders.

2.)   Wear SPF lip balms

In general, wearing less makeup out in the hot sun is encouraged. However, if you choose to apply a bit of lip makeup in the summertime, it’s best to use gloss or lip balms with SPF 15, as it makes your lips look and feel fresher.

 3.)   Wear the right kind of clothes when going out

Summertime often conjures images of beach-goers in shorts, sleeveless clothes, and sundresses. However, these clothing choices are less than ideal.

These “summer clothing” pieces leave your skin exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, inviting problems like heat rashes and UV damage.

Applying sunscreen does help with the strains that come with being exposed to the sun. However, wearing the proper clothing will also reinforce protection for your skin. Choose loose pants, long skirts with a top, UV-400 sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and clothes with UV absorbers or woven fabric to remain cool and protected.

4.)   Drink plenty of water

Water is vital in maintaining healthy skin tissue. It keeps your skin radiant, soft, and supple, especially when trying to do various wellness activities out in the hot sun. At least eight glasses of water are recommended for proper hydration. You must drink water at least once every 30 minutes. Staying hydrated keeps you fresh and prevents dehydration, as well as washes out toxins.

 5.)   Utilize natural remedies

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to exclusive skin products found in the market, there are run-of-the-mill ingredients found in your household that you can use to create natural skincare remedies. Ingredients like cucumber juice mixed with rose water and mint can be used to create a homemade cooling mist.

 Other everyday items found in your kitchen, like oatmeal, coffee grounds, sea salt, and plain yogurt, can be used as exfoliators during the summer. Achieve great skin to help that makeup look with healthy and natural ingredients found and made in the comfort of your own home.

6.)   Choose a moisturizer fit for summer

Do away with shea butter-laden moisturizers and heavy cold creams. Instead, go for a lighter moisturizer, as summer calls for non-greasy and lighter products that will suit the extreme heat of summer days.

 7.)   Incorporate antioxidants and retinol into your skincare routine

Good antioxidant serums are excellent protection for the skin during summer. Antioxidant serums hydrate your skin and protect your skin from environmental damage, boosting collagen production and eliminating harmful free radicals.

Additionally, it’s recommended to start using retinol, as this formulation stimulates collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover. If you’re looking for a possible anti-aging and skin clearing solution, some say retinol is the gold standard in achieving these results. 

8.)   Exfoliate your skin

Essential skincare entails exfoliating your skin. As the body sheds skin cells, it’s vital to get rid of them to avoid dry and dull-looking skin. But lotion will not be effective if you don’t exfoliate.

Fortunately, exfoliating is easy. Take a body scrub and gently rub your exfoliator in a circular motion on your entire body, then rinse. It’s recommended to do this at least two to three times a week to achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

Protect Your Skin from Summer’s Unforgiving Weather

Summer is a great time to have fun, go to the beach, and do activities that make you forget life’s worries. However, while you’re out in the hot sun, something you should never forget is to protect your skin. There are easy ways to take care of your skin without tiresome routines.

 Whether it’s changing your makeup to fit the weather, wearing the kind of clothes, or simply staying hydrated, remember these tips to enjoy your summer under the sun without worrying about the possible consequences.