Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai

Hip replacement surgery cost

Questions To Ask Your Hip Replacement Surgeon

With age, our body faces a lot of problems, and we suffer from varying ailments. We seek the help of experts to get some relief from these body ailments. With that, you might be planning for hip replacement surgery and looking for the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai to perform one. The surgeon will plan everything about your surgery, the surgery site, and the implant to be placed post hip replacement. The surgeon plays a chief role in influencing the factors that affect your recovery. To avoid complications following the surgery, you need to ask certain questions to your surgeon before the surgery. 

Result of the surgery 

The most important thing to ask your surgeon is regarding the results of the surgery. You must discuss your expectations from the doctor regarding the surgery and what you seek to achieve through the surgery. If you have a limp, you might want to eliminate the same through surgery. Many people wish to put an end to the intake of medications for the pain they suffer from and hence, go for the surgery. Not just that, most people look forward to undergoing the surgery so that they can participate in sports. 

Surgery complications 

It is always important to be aware of the complications of any type of surgery. Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai varies with every doctor but you must ask about the complications first rather than considering the cost of surgery in the first place. Every major surgery carries with itself, some risks and the patient must know about these risks before proceeding with the surgery. Although most of the complications are manageable, some of them are even life-threatening. If you have any kind of comorbidities, you must inform the doctor about the condition and check if it might raise the chances of complications. 


The experience of the doctor says a lot about the practice of the doctor. While the traditional surgeries for hip replacement involved an incision at the back portion of the hip, some doctors might also adopt a front or lateral approach in which the incision is given in the front or side of the hip. You must ask for all the relevant information about the experience of your surgeon. The information must also include the number of times your surgeon adopted each of these approaches for joint replacement in Mumbai. The complication and success rates must also be considered along with this. 

Physical therapy 

For a major surgery like hip replacement, physical therapy is essential during the recovery. A few weeks after the surgery, you must exercise and stretch at regular intervals during the day. You might also need to make appointments with your physiotherapist apart from performing physical therapy at your home. There are several factors that determine the number of times you need to see your physiotherapist within a week. To name a few, your insurance coverage, your doctor’s preference, and the location of your home are amongst these factors. 

Implant recommendation 

The components of the ball and socket for hip replacement vary according to the material. While some consider plastic like polyethylene, metal, and ceramic are also possible options preferred by people. Many people look forward to a combination of these materials for ball and socket components. Some components require bone cement for thief attachment with the bone. However, there are cementless prosthetics as well. These prosthetics are designed to allow bone tissue growth with time. The risks and advantages of each of the prosthetics differ a lot. You may ask your surgeon to suggest an implant according to your case and his experience. 

Answering the questions 

Whenever a person is going for surgery, especially a total hip replacement surgery in Mumbai, you might want an answer to certain questions arising in your mind. Proper communication is essential before undergoing surgery and you must know whom to contact when you need answers to your questions. You must ask your doctor for the numbers that you can contact and whom to take an appointment from when you have a doubt. 

To wrap up 

These are the prime questions to ask your doctor before going for hip replacement surgery. You must ask these questions to your doctor and then proceed with the formalities. 

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