The Connection Between Skincare and Spending for Gen Z

You don’t always think of younger generations when you think of skincare. But for Gen Z, breaking expectations is just part of everyday life. Their time on expressive social media platforms like TikTok has fostered a love of skincare, self-care, and beauty.

But, Gen Z doesn’t define those things like their older counterparts. Skincare may mean something totally different to them. Their spending habits are unique as well. Let’s look at those habits, today’s self-care movement, and how Gen Z influences the beauty industry.

Gen Z: Changing the Beauty Industry with Their Purchases 

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Traditionally, the pursuit of beauty has been in search of the “perfect look,” usually based on the appeal of a heavily made-up actress or musician. Gen Z is nothing like that. 

This generation was born between 1997 and 2012 and already makes up more than 30% of the global population. No wonder they are changing the beauty industry! Even more surprising is that they spend more on skincare than any other age group. 

Rather than pursuing the unattainable ideal of flawless beauty, Gen Z is more interested in being themselves, including when they take risks. They choose bolder color palettes and are willing to make a statement — whether they identify as male, female, or anything in between or outside of the binary.

Gen Z consumers also want brands that support diversity and inclusion, preferring those that offer a broad variety of skin tones for facial cosmetics. They also want brands to have influencer representation from multiple ethnicities.

Gen Z also has unique spending habits that differ even from Millenials. They are heavily influenced by social media and digital marketing and spend more online than any other age group. Transparency, ethics, and a devotion to sustainability drive brand loyalty among these consumers, who heavily research new brands to make sure they meet these requirements.

Today’s Self-care Movement and Gen Z

Gen Z is at the forefront of today’s popular self-care movement. While other generations may think it’s just a fad, these young consumers take health and wellness seriously. About a third of young people in this demographic choose not to drink alcohol at all. Most also embrace a healthy and holistic lifestyle with their food and personal-care choices, including skincare.

Gen Z’s take on health and wellness includes fitness, too. Many attend a gym regularly, jog, or wear fitness trackers. Two-thirds of this group believe that vitamins and supplementation are necessary for good health.

Gen Z’s Impact on Skincare

For Gen Z, part of that healthy lifestyle includes clear skin, especially since they prefer a natural look when not making a bold makeup statement. They are attracted to clean, pure beauty solutions. Here are some skincare trends that fit the bill for Gen Z.

Purging Acne

Because many teens and young adults suffer from acne, exfoliants are a popular choice to address this problem. Exfoliants, however, can cause purging, often confused with acne. Which is which? That is the subject of plenty of skincare hashtags on TikTok!

Purging is a breakout reaction to chemicals in exfoliants that often occurs when addressing acne. These chemicals remove dead skin cells, leaving your face cleansed and refreshed. Purging breakouts appear where the acne once was. These reactions often go away quickly. If not, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. When breakouts occur in a new area or after trying a new product, you may be experiencing a reaction. You should stop using any product that causes more blemishes, but remember that short-lived blemishes are often a sign that a product is working.

There are also mechanical ways to purge, such as laser treatment or microdermabrasion, which can be costly. Since Gen Z tends to be more frugal, they generally stick to chemical treatments. 

Natural Extracts

Eco-friendly products are appealing to Gen Z, especially skincare. Properly diluted, herbal extracts keep skin healthy, often for an affordable price. For example, calendula extract protects the skin from free radicals, which can be caused by UV exposure or environmental toxins. These can damage your body’s cells and may lead to aging or disease.

Calendula extract also doubles as a salve for wounds and can reduce inflammation in the skin. It also protects the skin from harmful sunlight. Natural skincare that serves multiple purposes is a great choice for Gen Z consumers.

However, extracts can cause harm when not used properly, so be sure to consult a skin care expert before proceeding.

Honey Treatments

Did you know that honey improves your skin? Because it is natural, affordable, and effective, this might be the best skin care solution for Gen Z. 

On its own, honey is a powerful antifungal and antibacterial for wounds and burns. But it’s also a powerhouse that fights acne by removing dead skin cells. It attracts moisture to your skin, making it an ideal way to solve dryness, red spots, and cracked skin. Many skincare products use honey nowadays, making it another excellent choice.

All in all, Gen Z consumers are more likely to invest in skincare as well as other forms of self-care. They are impacting the cosmetics industry by demanding brands that care about diversity, inclusion, and sustainability and offer natural beauty products. Their spending habits are leading to a new revolution in self-care that impacts every generation for the better.

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