7 Steps Fitness Plan For Professional Athletes

We all love to participate in sports events; we often play in our streets on weekend nights, but only some of us get a chance to participate in international sports events due to a lack of training. If we do gym without any instructor or guide, it may not give us better results. In the same way, we also have to need training for better guidance. Many of us are students, and joining a fitness center with Ryderwear discount code can take time and effort. You may follow some tips to be fit for becoming a professional Athlete.

How can I understand being physically fit?

Heavy exercises are for bodybuilding, but fitness makes you active. Fitness is necessary for sports, as you may notice that high-performing athletes have no strong bodies but are active. However, some sports, like weight lifting, may require a strong body.

How can I be consistent during my self-training?

Many of us may need to be more consistent in our work or studies, but fitness needs consistency because continuing it again may be impossible. So you will mark it on the calendar, so you never forget to do fitness exercises like me.

I may share my workout plan as I performed better in my high school sports event.

One-month workout plan:

You will start with low-pressure exercises as your muscles may require to stiffen further. If you start from challenging activities directly, it may cause your muscular rupture. Push-ups and pull-ups, sit-ups and sit-downs, and hanging on the wall are some exercises you may know. It is the best exercise to do initially during the first month. 

Second-month workout plan:

You may find the second month difficult, but you must be consistent without losing hope. You may make your workout plan, but it may be better to limit your exercise timings and gradually increase it. For example, you may divide it into weeks or hours, make a timetable, and exercise regularly in your school gym.

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Butterfly exercise:

This exercise will strengthen your bi-sips and triceps, but you may follow some tips and precautions to perform it effectively. Your back will always be straight attached to your seat. You should be seated in a balanced way. It means you may phase the same loads on both sides. You may hold its handle at the right angle to your back and straight to your shoulders. Remember to set your seat, so your shoulder is in the same position as the handle. Move back and forth your handle slowly in the same way.

Chest press exercises:

Try this to make your chest strong. It is performed the same way mentioned above but remembers to use lighter weight.

Lat pull-down exercises:

You will easily find it in your school gym but use low weight only. It is not advised to go on higher weights as you may need help at your older age. With a straight back, hold handles with both hands from the sides. Sit on a chair with a leaning chest and move the rods back and forth. Make sure that the rod’s middle portion is coming near your chest.

Horizontal seated leg press:

Perform this exercise if you like sports that require running, like cycle racing and football (except goalkeeper). Etc. You may limit the number of cycles as it may cause leg damage if you over-perform it. You may move your legs back and forth with weight loads in this exercise. It is easy to understand the machine but only be careful that you may be in the correct position.

Third-month workout plan:

You may try harder exercises but be careful because a little mistake may cause massive damage. It is better to do these exercises under some guidance. If the instructor is unavailable, I may follow the exercises mentioned above as I did during my college.

Incline sit-up exercise:

This is the most dangerous exercise for slim people. This exercise reduces fats in your body. Suppose there is less fat in the body so that you may face stomach and liver problems with highly concentrated pain. Use this exercise with proper guidance without any weight in your hands.

Body twisting exercise machine:

This machine helps you to twist your body. You may perform it at a low speed with fewer sets. This exercise helps you turn your muscles and helps to build your back but moving your back maybe not be a good idea as it can cause back pain and spinal code damage. So, it is tough for you even to move.

Plank exercise:

This exercise is all-in-one as it builds your stamina and abdomen and helps you lose weight. You may lay down on the floor so that your elbow is on one side and your foot toes on the other side with a straight leg and back. You may do this exercise starting from 5 minutes, but slowly and gradually increase your timing to hold your body in this stalemate position.

Things to keep in mind while doing a workout:

You may work out for specific muscles at a time. Move step by step and work out on each muscle only. You may feel pain in the muscles you are working with, but it is better to bear it. If you start feeling pain in other portions, stop your exercise immediately. Especially back & neck pain is very dangerous. Be sure that you place your back & neck in a straight position as it will face no loads.


You may use a machine during your exercise, but I recommend doing it without any machines as it may be riskier. One of my neighbors works hard on his fitness to qualify for the Asian cup event with limited resources under challenging circumstances, as he also supports his family. Now, he has prepared for the event and also won a medal. You can also do this with the help of God. So don’t think that you have limited resources compared to others. Just concentrate on your work without comparing yourself to others, and one day you may succeed in becoming a professional Athlete.