7 Best fitness influencers to follow on Instagram

Amid the pandemic, fitness has become the most exciting topic. Everyone was suddenly focusing on mental and physical fitness while locked at home. The fitness industry is booming fast now with exercising equipment, fitness apparel, and other essential products. Along with this, the popularity of Instagram fitness influencers has skyrocketed over time. 

The rise of fitness influencers has gone to a new level, with a healthy lifestyle becoming a style statement. Especially, Instagram has become a central social media platform where influencers share excellent and genuine advice to help others have a bang-up body. Everything is taking the front seat from steel abs to peachy booty, popping biceps to a peaceful mind. 

With this said, here are some of the most popular Instagram fitness influencers you can follow for a healthy lifestyle. 

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#1 Storm D

Strom D has become a style statement of Ohio, the USA, with her supercharge power reps. She covers fitness, wellness, and nutrition products for women that can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is also a proud owner of a 3000-member all-women’s gym, biohacker, and sports psychologist. 

Her Instagram page is also packed with tips, tricks, and a power-up workout to get the adrenalin kicking for the muscles and feet. She aims to motivate her followers from any location she might be at with her encouraging captions and training videos. 

#2 Luke Worthington

With more than 50K followers, Worthington is ruling as a sports scientist, Nike trainer, and personal trainer to elite athletes, models, and A-list celebrities. He is a former international athlete and motivates others to follow a healthy lifestyle to help them remain fit. He is a knowledgeable and respected person ruling the market with his experience. 

#3 Guru Mann

The most popular Indian Instagram fitness influencer with more than 2 million followers is becoming a trendsetter. He publishes his videos on YouTube, treating his followers with amazing workout tricks and tips. Mann resides in the USA and is crossing the borders to motivate others with his diet regimes, exercise videos, workout programs, etc. 

He covers all the primary fitness levels from beginners to advanced and advises his audience as a certified nutritionist. The engagement rate of Guru Mann is also more than 400K views, with 28% audience interaction on several videos. 

#4 Kunal Rajput

Kunal Rajput is ruling the fitness world with more than 25K followers on Instagram. He is under the username Subtle—strength where he put videos about his workout routines. Rajput is a founder of The Movement, Mumbai, and is a certified coach with Nike Training Club. He believes in attaining goals and pushing others to reach their desired fitness destination to build strength.

Rajput also focuses on mental health using his sets of exercises and reps without breaking his flow. He covers all the essential practices from colling down to stretching, wright lifting to light exercises. Kunal also advises maintaining calorie count as he knows no one Simplified. 

#5 Abhilash Desai

Abhilash Desai inspires everyone globally from Atlanta, Georgia, with his fitness videos. As a functional trainer on PlayBook App, Desai has become a legend in the world of yogis, athletes, instructors, and trainers. He is coaching his clients and creating workouts per the plan to help people in every region. 

Abhilash shares knowledge about meditation, fitness, and motivation to the audience ad has over 50 million followers on Instagram. As one of the most prominent names in the market, he has gained a lot of popularity due to his keen attention to detail. He has several videos as a content creator, videographer, photographer, producer, creative director, and editor. He is also a storyteller sharing valuable messages and advice to the audience. 

The fitness world has managed to make some space for the Instagram fitness influencers where they can motivate the majority of people to join the club. The aim is to reach the target audience and help them lead a better lifestyle. 

With this said, I hope you will take your first step toward a better future.

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