5 Fertility Tips for Men Trying to Conceive

According to a report published on WebMD, fertility as a problem does not exist only in women but also in men. Around 20% of infertile couples, the problem is with the male partner. Infertility in men might be the reason that a couple cannot conceive.

As a male partner, you should be well aware of your reproductive health and visit a fertility or IVF centre in Kathmandu or your locality if you notice any conception issue. Before visiting the clinic, you can try the following steps when both of you trying to conceive a child at your end:

1. Think about your female partner

Having no child does not affect your physical ability, However, it can affect your relationship. You should keep in mind that the drive to make a woman pregnant should be as strong as the one to sleep, eat, or sex.

Your female partner may be getting slightly pushy about being pregnant. As a male partner, you need to comprehend that making your female partner pregnant is a strong need and you should do your best to fulfil this desire of your lady.

2. Manage your body weight

Being underweight or overweight is not good for your general as well as reproductive health. Many studies have found that overweight men have abnormal sperm parameters. And abnormal sperm parameters are not good for men trying to make their female partners conceive.

It means you need to keep your body weight under control. And having a close watch on your BMI and keeping it between 19 and 25 can help you have a healthy body weight.

3. Eat organic foods

In the current world, maximum farmers use pesticides in growing crops. These pesticides have harmful chemicals that can badly impact your sperm health if you consume fruits and vegetables with high pesticides.

To keep your fertility preserved, you should prefer organic foods as much as possible. If you can’t bear eating organic food, you should take out the outer layer of vegetables and fruits before eating them.  

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4. Avoid using plastic

Plastic, if heated in a microwave, can give off chemicals such as oestrogen. These chemicals can make a man’s hormones confused and affect sperm production in his testicles. Further, heavy use of plastic in daily life activities can lead to development of severe cancers.

To preserve your fertility, you should prefer glass containers to heat foods in the microwave. Further, you can avoid keeping food items in plastic containers. Apart from glass containers, you can use the ones made of stainless steel.

5. Control your eating habit

Usually, you eat whatever you come across at home or outside. It is not good for you, especially when you are trying to make your female partner pregnant or father a child. Eating healthy food items help you have good sperm quantity and quality. Whatever you eat, ensure it is high in antioxidants, protein, folic acid, calcium, and iron.     


When it comes to increasing male fertility, you can come across numerous tips that could be exercising, healthy diet, weight management, and enough rest. Following the above-mentioned steps can help you a lot in increasing your fertility and making your female partner pregnant.