Your composite bonding teeth – what to expect after a few years

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Composite bonding is a tried and tested procedure in modern dentistry which is uniquely popular all over the world with the UK as no exception. It is a reliable solution to transform your smile and provides stunning results in repairing chipped, stained, discoloured and misaligned teeth. If you have undergone this dental procedure then you might be wondering what the results would be like say few years down the line. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore tips and tricks on how you can uphold your cosmetic bonding solution over time. We will also cover the necessary maintenance that is required for this particular range of dental cosmetic solutions along with what you can expect from the treatment in course of time.

But first let us have a quick introduction to this procedure which will help us sink with the topics easily.

Composite bonding treatment – a basic introduction

Composite is a dental cosmetic treatment and is also frequently referred to as dental bonding or tooth bonding. The procedure takes place in the office of a dentist and involves applying a resin material to the teeth. The resin material is carefully selected to match with the natural colour of your teeth.

It proves to be a versatile solution that fixes a range of dental issues including the following – chipped or cracked teeth, gaps between the teeth, discoloured or stained teeth and minor misalignment issues related to the teeth, etc. Cosmetic dentistry solutions are usually exorbitantly costly but this one is just the opposite. Composite bonding is a reasonably priced procedure and is quite easily affordable unlike the other procedures that come under cosmetic dentistry category. It proves to be a fast and reliable solution to improve the appearance of your smile.

Standard life of composite bonding

How long does composite bonding solution last? This is a common question asked by a large number of patients, says a dentist in London. While answering the question it is important to emphasise something – by and large composite bonding is quite durable but it is important to remember that it is not exactly meant to be a permanent solution unlike a dental crown or a porcelain veneer. Therefore, in a course of say five years you can expect the following from your composite bonded tooth or teeth –

  • Normal wear and tear – In a span of say five years there will be noticeable signs of normal wear and tear in your composite bonded tooth. The composite material itself may pick up stains and become discoloured. In order to slowdown the effect of discolouration it is important to limit consumption of foods and drinks that result in staining like tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce and others, says a dentist who provides easily affordable and cheap composite bonding in London .
  • Undergoing chip or crack – Even minute chips or cracks could be noticeable in the bonded areas. These cracks and chips are more obvious if you have the nasty habit of using the teeth as a tool to open packages or biting on hard objects.
  • Maintenance and repairing – In order to maintain both the appearance and the functionality of your bonded tooth touch-up treatments could be necessary from time to time. One good thing about composite bonding is it enables dentists repair minor issues easily by adding more composite material or polishing an existing bonding.

Necessity of maintaining sound oral hygiene

In order to stretch the life of your composite bonding maintaining sound oral hygiene is crucial. Here are a few tried and tested tips on maintaining sound oral hygiene.

  • Properly brushing the teeth every day – You should use of a toothbrush that has soft bristles and any fluoride toothpaste to brush the teeth properly or in effective manner to clear out harmful plaque build-ups twice daily.
  • Daily flossing – It is also important to floss the teeth daily in the right way to dislodge trapped food particles and harmful plaque build-ups from between the teeth.
  • Avoid staining of your composite bonding – Minimise consumption of foods and beverages that are potential to staining and always rinse your mouth thoroughly right after consuming such foods or drinks.
  • Go for routine dental check-ups – You should not skip your routine oral health check-ups or professional teeth cleaning appointments. These routine check-ups help dentists monitor the condition of your bonded tooth and they can also provide you with necessary tips on maintenance of your bonded teeth.

Points of consideration after say 5 years

At the end of five years following your composite bonding treatment you should evaluate the result based on the following aspects.

Pay a visit to your dentist and ask the expert to evaluate the overall condition of the bonded tooth or teeth. A qualified dentist possesses the necessary skills and expertise to assess the condition of the bonding and may recommend any touch up or repair if necessary.

There is no way to deny that composite bonding easily lasts many years provided there are sufficient care and maintenance. But there are circumstances when you may have to look for more permanent solutions like porcelain veneers or crowns explains a dentist who works in the renowned Smile Clinic London. These solutions, compared to composite bonding, are longer lasting solutions for transforming your smile.

Maintaining the basics of sound oral hygiene along with sticking to the recommendations of your dentist prove helpful extending the life of your composite bonding effectively. Routine dental check-ups compounded with little touch up treatments keep your composite bonding appear their best over time.

Composite bonding is capable to provide a stunning transformation of your smile almost instantly with zero turnaround time. But it is important for you to understand how it may turn up in course of time. After a span of say five years some normal wear and tear issues are inevitable but if you take proper care and maintenance your bonded tooth can easily keep looking attractive as well as functional.

Last but nevertheless the least let us have some idea about the cost of the treatment. The composite bonding London Cost , Invisalign London usually ranges from £250 to £350 a tooth. Actually the cost varies from case to case depending on the location of a practice, qualifications and expertise of Smile Clinic London, The London Smile dentist and obviously the level of complexity involved.