The BiPAP Machine: Choosing the Most Effective BiPAP Equipment for Better Lung Functioning

A BiPAP machine is a straightforward and compact piece of equipment that is designed to aid people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to help them breathe properly. People who use this machine inhale air with the help of a mask that regulates their regulatory rate while they sleep or when their symptoms start to worsen.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease results in making it difficult for people to breathe since the lungs lose their elasticity. The less elastic lungs are often filled with mucus which further makes it more difficult to take deep breaths. A BiPAP device will help push air into the lungs for better respiratory health.

The best part is, that a BiPAP machine is very economical and people can find several BiPAP machine prices to compare and select the best match for them.

bipap lung equipment

The Fundamental Functioning of a BiPAP Machine

BiPAP means a two-level or bilateral Positive Airway pressure that is helpful with respiratory issues such as sleep apnea. The way the machine works is that the person has to wear a nose mask which will directly pump the air to the lungs. Contrary to BiPAP, the CPAP machine provides only a single pressure.

The two levels of BiPAP are:

  • Inhalation Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP)
  • Exhalation Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP)

These two levels give BiPAP immense popularity and several top-notch companies such as ResMed have come up with their machines to cater for the public needs. ResMed BiPAP machine prices vary according to their capacity and the requirement of the user.

How to Choose a BiPAP Machine that Matches your Requirements?

There are several BiPAP machines available in the healthcare market. While choosing, you need to be careful to make correct decisions in terms of getting the proper equipment and financing it as effectively as possible.

Along with finances, there are certain critical mistakes that you have to avoid when looking for a BiPAP machine. These are:

  • Getting a BiPAP machine because you saw someone else using it
  • Not taking a sleep study test before purchasing 
  • Getting a mask of the wrong size and style
  • Not getting a prescription from a qualified doctor

A BiPAP machine is highly personalised medical equipment that should always be used after getting proper advice and help from a qualified professional.

Precautions to Take with your BiPAP Machine

When you start using your BiPAP machine, it is essential for your health that you use it properly. Here are some things that you should be mindful about:

  • Use your BiPAP machine every night
  • Visit your doctor regularly to know your progress
  • Never use someone else’s mask
  • Never use a BiPAP machine without recommendations from qualified professionals

Getting the BiPAP Machine: Should you Buy or Should you Rent?

A question several people face is whether or not they should buy the machine or simply rent one. Here we will discuss the ideal way.

Buying a BiPAP Machine

If you choose to buy a BiPAP machine, you will have to make a one-time payment and the price will depend on the sophistication of the machine. Better brands will cost you more money, for example- the ResMed BiPAP machine prices are usually higher than other brands.


  • You get to have your machine
  • No need to worry about previous owners
  • Always at your perusal


  • High maintenance
  • Might be cost ineffective
  • All responsibility lies on you

Renting a BiPAP Machine

The second alternative to getting a BiPAP machine is to rent one. You will have to pay monthly rent to use a BiPAP machine from a suitable lender.


  • More flexibility
  • Less financial burden
  • No repair duties from your end


  • Is cost-ineffective in the long run
  • You need to find a reliable renter

Final Words

Getting a BiPAP machine is essential, but getting the right one in the right way is crucial in the long term. With BiPAP machine prices varying immensely from brand to brand, you must make a sound decision to take care of both your physical and financial health!