The Best Things You Should Do When Feeling Mentally Exhausted

The pace of modern life entails a lot of chaos about work, family, and social relationships. When things get out of control, you feel stressed out. If not resolved, this situation will directly affect the quality of life. Therefore, do not miss out on the following best things you should do when feeling mentally exhausted. 

Laugh a lot

It sounds funny, but did you know that every time you laugh, your levels of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine drop dramatically. At the same time, the body will be supplemented with several feel-good hormones called endorphins. When you have a refreshing smile, all stress and fatigue will disappear, replenishing energy for the next series of activities. So, laugh a lot every day to love all the interesting things in life.

Smell lemon peel, orange

This is a trick not everyone knows, because the aroma of essential oils in oranges and lemons brings great energy to the body, making you always feel excited and comfortable. Besides, the pleasant scent from orange and lemon peels also has anti-depressant effects, eliminates toxins in the body, helps relieve stress, fatigue and soothes mood effectively. Do not forget to apply this unique secret when you are faced with long-lasting stress.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in health, helping to restore and regenerate wasted energy, and at the same time improve health, relieve stress and fatigue in life. Insomnia or not getting enough sleep is closely related to nervous tension. So, to reduce stress and fatigue, give yourself quality sleep to relieve stress and restore energy.

Do exercise

This is a simple yet extremely effective method to help fight stress-related syndromes. Exercise not only strengthens the health and immune system, but is also a measure to help the spirit to be refreshed, relax, and eliminate stress and fatigue in life. With the great benefits of exercise, you should actively practice every day to always have a positive mind and healthy body. Buy exercise equipment if you want to exercise more effectively

Drink fruit juice

Acidic drinks are often high in vitamin C, which helps you manage stress effectively by lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Foods rich in vitamin C such as orange juice, grapefruit juice, strawberries, … help strengthen the immune system effectively.

Change your way of thinking

Negative thoughts make you easily fall into a state of frustration and inhibition. On the contrary, if you create a positive mindset, you can accept everything with an energetic spirit. Positive thoughts always make the body comfortable, thereby limiting stress and fatigue in life.

Listening to music

Music always brings miracles, including helping you relieve stress and fatigue effectively. Music can evoke positive emotions, help lower blood pressure and eliminate stress hormones. So when stressed, find favorite music to sublimate your emotions and dispel all stress.

Relaxing massage

Massage is an extremely useful method, especially when you are stressed and tired. Massage helps to relax the spirit after hours of hard work, creating conditions to help muscles relax, blood circulation. You can massage at home with gentle manipulations to help bring comfort and ease to sleep. This is an activity that is not only good for the body but also helps to release hormones, making you feel happy. You can also buy yourself a massage machine, it will be a useful item when you are mentally exhausted. There are many discount codes, coupons when included will help you save a lot of costs.

Develop new skills and play sports

As the brain moves on to learning something new, the amount of negative thinking will gradually decrease to zero. When the brain is active for a new idea, new experience, focusing on this activity makes us less confused. This rule also applies when we engage in physical activity.

Write all your afflictions on paper and burn it

Research has shown that writing down all our afflictions on paper and destroying them can help us reduce our stress levels, the pressure caused by overthinking. The process of writing it down also helps you better understand your feelings than just listing them in your mind.

Lessons learned and their positive impact

Think of the lessons learned from relationships and view them as invaluable life experiences. If you can define what these relationships mean at first, you can easily decide to stop if they aren’t worth it. Every failure is an opportunity to make amends and make sure you develop yourself in a positive direction in the future.

Don’t bury yourself in the past

When we think about the past, we often imagine what we could have said or done differently to avoid bad things from happening. But this is no different than you are trying to change what happened a thousand years ago – which is impossible.

Always remind yourself of your worth

When we think about our past selves, we often sigh with regret. Perhaps we always remember who we were in complicated relationships that have passed and are now only suffering. But don’t view the past version of yourself as an alien image that can never be returned. By always remembering who you are, you give yourself a chance to be that person again.

Use functional foods to reduce stress

Functional products that help reduce stress and increase brain circulation are a reasonable choice for people who are often mentally exhausted. Using functional foods will help you have deep and better sleep, increase blood circulation to help you regain your spirit. Use discount codes and coupons when shopping to reduce price anxiety.


Above is an article on the best things to do when you feel mentally exhausted. Hopefully, these tips to help dispel fatigue and stress have helped you gain more knowledge to overcome this situation easily.

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