Anti-Aging Services Market – Is the 50s the New 30s?

What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging is the method of preventing, reversing, or slowing the aging process. Despite a promising future, at present, there is no medical technology in the market that can help slow down or reverse the aging process. Although the importance of calorie restriction as well as regular exercise is generally highlighted by many doctors. 

In the medical community, a variety of anti-aging medicines are available that help in the prevention, treatment, and detection of several age-related diseases. This is, however, not similar to addressing the aging process, and an extensive line of strategies as well as therapies are available. For example, calorie restriction helps bring down the risk of various age-related conditions.

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In the business community, anti-aging has emerged as a highly valuable and lucrative brand, a sure-shot way to boost sales. The brands focus on developing anti-aging creams and potions that claim to turn the skin younger, while numerous food producers claim their products offer anti-aging benefits.  

Do Anti-Aging Medicines Work?

The majority of the anti-aging treatments help encourage the body to repair or rejuvenate, which results in smoother, tighter skin. To assess how these treatments work, it’s imperative to know how the body ages. While getting older, elastin and collagen levels continue to deplete, as the body’s production of these proteins slows down. This leads to the skin losing volume as well as elasticity. Volume loss results in heavy-set, deep wrinkles, while elasticity loss leads to wrinkles that are left behind by expressions and creases. 

Anti-aging medicines encourage a natural healing response of the body. This can be done with the use of minimally invasive techniques such as lasers, radiofrequency energy, or micro-injuries. These treatments heal the affected areas, which then results in the production of elastin and collagen. The final result is tighter-looking, brighter, and younger skin.

What are the Most Popular Anti-Aging Services?


This anti-aging service helps in the treatment of age spots, sun damage, and wrinkles, making use of a rotating brush that removes the skin’s outer layer from the face’s small areas. In its place comes a new and smoother skin. This new skin is pink or red just for a few weeks, with the patient experiencing some swelling or scabbing after the treatment. The full results can be seen in a few weeks or months. The patient is required to take a break from work. Although there is a need for only a one-time treatment, there are people having deep scars or notable signs of aging who require more than one dermabrasion.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Mostly called Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport, botulinum toxin injections are used for reducing the frown lines or glabellar lines that occur at the crow’s feet at the eyes’ corners, or between the eyebrows. This treatment involves preventing the muscles present in these points on the face from tightening. There is generally no recovery time, however, it can be a week when one can see the effects. Typically, the results last about 4 to 5 months.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel involves the doctor using acid for peeling away the skin’s outermost layer. It helps in the removal of wrinkles and age spots, giving the patient brighter skin. The skin requires a certain period to heal following the peel and will be red for at least two weeks. Based on the peel type the patient has received, they are required to undergo more than one treatment to get the desired results. 

Dermal Fillers

Fillers refer to the substances injected inside the skin by the doctor, to fill out the lines and wrinkles. A few popular dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gel, fat, and collagen. Fillers can be used on the face, hands, and lips. In the majority of the cases, there is no need for downtime after receiving the filler, and the results can be seen right away. Fillers can last from 3 months to 2 years, all depending on which derma filler type the patient has received. 

Anti-Aging Services Market Status Quo

The anti-aging services market is constantly being transformed by the ever-changing consumer demands. With the majority of the consumer base becoming social media savvy, awareness with regard to anti-aging treatments and solutions has surged incredibly. Therefore, providing effective and innovative products as well as services is now extremely imperative for the brands active in the market.

Heightened demand for a variety of anti-aging skincare solutions will remain a key growth stimulant for the worldwide market. This demand should continue to escalate in line with the rapidly aging millennial population. Technological innovations in the beauty industry are paving the way for numerous aesthetic enhancement procedures as well as services. 

Surging consumer disposable incomes coupled with their evolving lifestyles will mean considerable revenues for the anti-aging services industry. Mounting awareness has raised the demand and sales of premium luxury products. The anti-aging services industry will also benefit from the increasing product offering on e-commerce.

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