Zumba for Weight Loss – Get Rid of Those Extra KGs Having Fun

Zumba is an exercise technique that involves cardio and dancing in a way that enables full body movement, thus suitable for all body parts.

The Zumba technique is excellent for weight loss and body toning as it engages the whole body into movement and makes it more flexible. The exercise indulges your body in maximum movement and the best part is you can enjoy doing it.

The exercise will let you reduce back pain, and apart from it, there can be other Ways to Prevent and Treat Back Pain.

You can dance to your favorite music whilst losing extra Kgs. Play your favorite beat and enjoy grooving on it with appropriate dance steps to lose weight. Some of my personal favorites are ‘Rain over me’, ‘Shape of You’, ‘Taki Taki’, and a lot more.

There are special Zumba trainers these days to teach you the tricks and techniques appropriate for every body part specifically.

Zumba for Weight Loss
Zumba for Weight Loss

Benefits of Zumba Workout

Out of the numerous benefits of Zumba, the following are discussed some of the important benefits of this workout.

1. Full Body Exercise

Zumba is specially designed for your whole body, it keeps your upper body, abdomen, and lower body in full movement and engages every muscle for maximum benefits.

2. Burn Calories

Zumba helps you burn calories vigorously. According to studies, you can burn up to 9.5 calories in a 39 min duration of Zumba. Imagine just an hour of doing Zumba and losing all extra calories.

3. Moderates Blood Pressure

Zumba workout moderates your blood pressure, particularly for overweight women. This keeps your heart rate at optimum level thus promoting weight loss and keeping blood in full movement.

4. Build Endurance

Zumba helps you build endurance. According to a study, those who do Zumba regularly have systolic blood pressure and a stable heart rate. In other words, it increases strength and endurance.

5. Social Connections

It also increases your social connections as you get to meet a lot of women while enjoying Zumba classes equally. It’s a fun exercise and also helps you build dancing skills within you.

Suitable Zumba Wear

The costume doesn’t matter much in Zumba but for better outcomes, you can try the following apparel:


Always prefer a loose T-shirt so you can move your body freely while enjoying the exercise. A tight shirt might make you uncomfortable.


Choose squat-proof and stretchable leggings always. The Zumba workout will require you to indulge in different motions including squats, lunges, hinges, rotations, etc.


Always prefer comfortable covered shoes for Zumba. Your shoes must have a grip so you don’t slip while workout. You can also prefer laces-free shoes so you might not get entangled in the laces in case it opens.

Perfect Zumba Dance Moves

There can be numerous dance combinations for every body part that you can try in your workout. You should keep on changing your moves so the exercise might not get monotonous for you and your body remain involves in new experiences. You need to Find Time for a Workout in your Busy Schedule.

You might try the following moves:

1. Side leg raise Lunge

Put your hands on your hips and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Maintaining a square hip position, step your right leg back until it crosses in front of your left.

Squat down and kick your rear leg out to the side as you stand up. On each leg, continue for a minute.

2. Plie Pulses

Stand wide-legged with your toes pointing outward at a 45-degree angle. Engage your core and lower your torso while bending your knees, maintaining a straight back.

Once you’ve descended as far as possible, slightly raise yourself, check your pulse, and experience the burn! Practice this for a minute.

3. Criss Cross Plie Jumps

Jump into a wide-legged squat while still standing, landing with your toes pointing out. After that, dive back in while crisscrossing your legs in midair.

Return to the squat and, as you finish the movement, keep switching the front leg. For one minute, repeat.

4. Extended Front Leg

Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand. Maintaining a straight line from your toes to the ceiling, elevate one leg while engaging your core.

Bring your foot back to a straight angle while bending your knee. Retract the leg, then lower it to the ground. Three times, perform 20 repetitions of each leg.

In a Nutshell Zumba workout technique is proven to be the best exercise for weight loss, particularly for women. This enables you to keep your muscles stretched and makes your body flexible. Try out losing your extra Kgs using this technique.