Yoga – a step towards health and benefits

Yoga has been known for quite old times now , but the goodness it endures is becoming more and more limitless. Yoga was once thought to be the source of stretch and exercise or a religious ritual that some followed as an expense of spirituality.

With more and more people pouring into the limited world of yoga, its boundaries have been expanding every since than. Now not only our houses are a functional yoga studio but many more places and venues are specifically tagged for the deed.

Yoga and its main component

Yoga is all about striking a pose that has the relevant results for the remedies you are looking for . None the less, like every key opens up a lock every yoga pose strikes the best way to conquer the area of concern.

This followed sequence of poses never miss the action plan for your body as well as your mind. Yoga is essentially and prominently treating many psychological as well as the bodily health issues.

yoga poses for back

For those who think of yoga as a MAT MEDITATION are missing the real treasures of what yoga actually endures and provides !!

Yoga and its Plan of Action

From a mere beginner to a well prepared yogi who want to keep on going with his exercise, they all work on a plan of action.

Depending upon the intensity and the poses, there is a different range of action plans for every one of us that requires something more visible from yoga than just mere stretching and toning.

Depending on these requirements, yoga can be categorised into different kinds which are

  • Bikram yoga for the yogis who want to give up all the fat and antioxidants out in hot temperature. This is also known as hot yoga due to the humid temperature conditions in which it is practiced.
  • For those who want a faster and high intensity muscle build up can go for the high power ,Power Yoga.
  • For our beginners who want to keep it slow and smooth can opt for the  Vinyasa or Hatha yoga. These two are a sequence for well ordered poses that move swiftly from one pose to another
  • Ashtanga yoga can be the hope for the yogis who want to over come the breathing problems. This type of yoga is sequenced with the poses with special breathing techniques.
  • For some extra play with the advanced yoga props, yogis can go for the Iyengar yoga

All of these yoga types can be done either alone or with a friend in company. To know the specially pulled out poses from perform with your friends, click the link below for our special reviews yoga poses for 2 friends.

Yoga and its health benefits

Speaking of benefits, yoga is a complete set of body to mind workout that encapsulates every muscles, bone , joint and psychological issues of your body. This not only helps you tome your body but helps you maintain an equal balance between the bodily progress and balanced mindfulness.

Just to be more focused, let us take you along to the never ending health benefits of Yoga with the pointed target areas.

Toned body

Yoga strikes you completely when you need to have a toned body with not much of that gym musculature. That evenly toned body with maintained gltues, back, hips and limbs can define your body posture in a presentable way . There are different yoga poses that help you stick to your respective target area and burn away all what hinders its shape.

Refined Posture

In our busy life styles with out laptops being our offices can completely destroy our body posture without us even knowing about it. It is your neck, back and the lower spinal bones muscles and joints that help you conquer the right posture in every way.

Many Yoga poses are just for your back and shoulder posture correction as a quick remedy

To read about know more about the helping yoga poses for back and shoulder pains head onto the separate article in the links given below.

Heart Problems

Our heart is always sensitive and regulates what happens in our body. The most obvious heart issues like high blood pressure can  give rise to many other problems. These problems can be dealt by giving your heart a serious push with the poses just meant to normalise the way your heart breaths and beats

This regulation will help you get rid of many heart and aspiration problems without any medically prescribed medicines on the table.

Calorie Burner

For those who want to skip their jogs and heavy gym workouts and still want to burn calories and give yoga a try. A serious try will help you to fade away all the gathered fat in any part of your body by just being on your mat in your own space of function.

There are many types of yoga that focuses on burning calories on a faster rate like Bikram yoga without giving you a bulged up musculature .

Core build Up

Core strength is a strong companion for any of your workouts. Core can be build up with the serious and daily yoga practice. Some of the poses are essentially useful for your core strength. Poses like basic plank pose or basic need bend can burn it all in the core to initiate further hard poses or workouts simultaneously.

Mental health

A sound mind  builds up a sound body was never just a clause, with yoga it actually works. Many Yoga types are dedicated to your mental health and spiritual progress by just sitting in your own personal mat and house. These poses are entirely stress free of any prop or proper schedule and just work essentially great whenever you want them to be.

What more is to know about yoga?

Yoga is a full body workout which you cannot categorise precisely in the exercise category. Workouts or gym exercises are either aerobic or anaerobic with high musculature pull and formation. Even though yoga is not a typical aerobic exercise but it certainly makes you sweat a lot. With all the exception, yoga can he effectively as good as our any other aerobic exercise .

To check what kind of exercise is yoga, do check out our stearate article on is yoga aerobic or anaerobic?

Other convenient Factors about yoga

It is very intriguing to know that yoga can be extremely convenient and works extremely good in all moods and places. Even in during the running pandemic, yoga is the sole source of our relaxation. Other supportive factors about yoga can be

  • It’s very cost friendly as all you need is a yoga mat and don’t forget your self motivation
  • It does not requires a special place . Can be done and home ,outdoors or even in your own lawn.
  • Age appropriate for every one who wants to try
  • Does not requires any specific equipment
  • Online yoga classes are also available for the ones who want it I a guided way.

In this introductory article of yoga, i hope to help everyone out there to try yoga as your life changing practice atleast once.  Complete benefits of Yoga can be ever evolving with your practice and time you give to it. Not even bodily but many psychological factors can be solved by following a specific sequence of yoga .

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