Yoga For Seniors – The Natural Way To Stay Young In Old Age

Aging comes with a host of problems that impact your physical and mental health. Your joints become stiff and flexibility decreases. Your body balance starts to deteriorate which only increases the risk of an injury due to accidental fall. However, you can take care of this issue by including yoga for elderly beginners in your daily routine.

If you are a beginner and out of shape, practicing yoga might seem a bit difficult and a bit of a challenge. However, your decision to take up yoga is the first step to living a healthy life in the later years. You should join a yoga school to kickstart your journey to a quality life.

With that said, let us look at how yoga can help you stay fit and healthy in old age.

Benefits Of Yoga In Later Years

Yoga goes beyond the physical practice of asanas. It is more of a lifestyle that helps you dive deeper into your true self and unlock the hidden potential. Learning this sacred art during your later years helps you stay safe from mental and physical stress.

Given below are the three major benefits of yoga practice during the later years.

1. Improved Flexibility

With age, your joints become stiff and start losing their flexibility. Yoga gives your body a chance for a good stretch. The daily practice of yoga provides your body with flexibility which helps you perform daily activities without any hiccups. Moreover, the numerous yoga asanas keep your spine healthy and that keeps you from getting bed ridden.

2. Extends Your Bone’s Lifespan

Two of the most common health problem you have with aging is Osteoporosis and fractures due to sudden fall. Yoga slows down the rate at which your bone density lessens and that helps you get rid of the pain of inflammation. A study revealed that over 2 years of yoga for beginner practice helps you gain more bone density.

3. Zero Strain

Simply taking a walk is not enough especially when you are above the age of 60. Your body also needs a bit of strength to ensure there is no loss of mobility. The best way for you to age gracefully and happily is to inculcate yoga into your daily routine. Yoga asanas help your body twist and turn without putting much stress on your bones and joints.

However, that is not all. You have to practice the right yoga asana to enjoy good health in old age.

Yoga Asanas To Practice In Old Age

Given below are two easy-to-do yoga asanas to help you stay healthy during the later years.

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

The easiest yoga pose that helps you maintain a good body posture is Tadasana. Just remember to breathe while practicing this yoga asana. The regular practice of this simple yoga asana offers you benefits like;

  • High energy levels
  • Improved digestion and blood circulation
  • Reduced tension and stress level
  • Steady breathing

2. Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior Pose)

The Warrior Pose strengthens your legs and hips and improves your breathing. Regular practice of this yoga asana provides you with benefits like;

  • Improved circulation and respiration
  • Opens your chest, lungs, and hips
  • Strengthens your back, ankles, arms, legs, and shoulders
  • Better stability, body balance, and focus


Old age does come with a host of problems that impact your ability to think and focus, and body movement. However, if you join a yoga school and enroll in yoga for elderly beginners regularly it will help you keep your joints and bones healthy.

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