These 5 Yoga asanas and 3 Pranayama will help in preventing Hair Fall

The fast and fast-paced lifestyle has given us a better standard of living than ever before. But this lifestyle also has some drawbacks. These deficiencies have also given us diseases like tension, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. One of the major problems in these diseases and problems is hair fall/hair loss or even hair loss.

The bitter truth is that we cannot stop hair fall, but it can definitely be slowed down. That is why in this article I will tell you about 5 yoga asanas and 3 pranayama, which can be adopted to reduce hair fall.

Causes of Hair Fall:

  • Genetic disorder
  • Hormonal disorder
  • Bad eating habits
  • Diseases
  • Medicines
  • Hair dye
  • Dandruff or dandruff
  • Smoking or smoking

However, the biggest reason is stress or anxiety. Yoga, pranayama and a balanced diet can help in fighting stress, anxiety, stress or depression. Yoga increases blood circulation in the body. In addition, there is an adequate supply of oxygen to the scalp, which can reduce hair fall.

How to stop Hair Fall?

All such asanas, which are performed by bending forward, help in preventing hair fall. By doing such asanas, the blood circulation in the head increases and the health of the hair improves. In this article, I am telling you about some easy asanas, whose continuous practice can give positive results.

Yoga to stop hair fall:

1. Downward burial

The practice of this asana increases blood circulation in the head. This yoga asana is also very beneficial in case of sinusitis and cold or cold. This asana also helps in dealing with mental fatigue, depression and insomnia.

2. Utthanasana

This asana helps in relieving fatigue and lethargy. By doing this asana daily, the supply of blood and oxygen in the head increases. Both these conditions prove to be very effective in dealing with hair loss.

3. Pawanmuktasana

The practice of this asana not only helps in preventing hair fall, but also helps in the evacuation of gas trapped in the stomach. Pawanmuktasana also helps in the problem of indigestion or food digestion. This asana is also very beneficial in the problem of constipation or constipation.

4. Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana has got this name because this asana benefits every part of the body. The thyroid gland is nourished by the practice of Sarvangasana. Regular practice of this asana removes the problems of our respiratory system, digestive system, urinary tract and nervous system. Apart from this, it also helps in increasing blood circulation to the brain.

5. Vajrasana

This asana is also known as Diamond Pose. Other asanas where it is advised to do on an empty stomach. At the same time, this asana can be done immediately after a meal. Urinary problems, weight loss and digestion, apart from the practice of this asana, can also reduce the problems of gas in the stomach.

Pranayama for Hair Regrowth

Pranayama is very beneficial in preventing hair fall and growing again. With the practice of some pranayama, the health of our entire body is also fine. Now I will tell you about three such pranayama which can help in preventing hair loss.

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama

By practicing Kapalbhati Pranayama for 10 minutes daily, our brain cells get more oxygen. It is also good for our nervous system. Kapalbhati Pranayama helps in flushing out toxic toxins from the body. It also helps in dealing with the problem of obesity and diabetes.

2. Bhastrika Pranayam

The practice of this pranayama removes excess air, bile and mucus from the body. It helps in detoxifying our nervous system and body.

3. Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

Continuous practice of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama also helps in overcoming heart diseases, asthma, arthritis/arthritis, depression, migraine, tension/stress and eye problems.


These yoga asanas and pranayama can help in preventing your hair fall under normal circumstances. However, if there is a special medical condition, you can also consult a doctor before doing these. Apart from this, yoga or pranayama should always be done with the help of a yoga guru or yoga teacher.

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