Wisdom Teeth Removal at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery – Everything You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to get sprouted for any human being. Generally, for a patient, a wisdom tooth comes out in the teenage or early twenties. Most of the time, wisdom tooth comes out with some issues or the other. As a result, the patient feels a lot of pain and discomfort in the teeth. So, if you are suffering from the same problem and searching for the terms like “wisdom teeth removal near me”, then you are at the right place.

Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is a reputed clinic treating oral and maxillofacial issues for patients in Charlotte, Cornelius and other parts of North Carolina. So, if you are coming here for wisdom teeth removal, then you need to know about some facts. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Different Types of Impaction

When the patient is coming to the clinic, there can several types of presentation. They can include, 

  • Soft tissue impaction implies that in your mouth, there is not enough space for the gum tissues around the wisdom teeth to clean it properly. And that is why it causes infection and pain. 
  • With partial bony impaction, your wisdom teeth will be partially erupted but will be of no use if you are chewing. Also, it is difficult to clean your tooth this way and that is why you need to get it extracted. 
  • Complete bony impaction means that your tooth will not have enough space in the gum to erupt and will require a complex surgical procedure to deal with it.

Consultation Process

Given any type of impaction, it is necessary that you know what you are dealing with in the first place. That is what precisely Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. does during the consultation process. When you are coming for consultation with Dr. Rolle, he will explain how impacted your wisdom teeth are and how he is going to proceed with the treatment plan. Here, you will also get the time to inform the doctor and his team about your current health issues apart from your pain due to wisdom teeth impaction and if you are on any kind of regular medication or not. 

During the Procedure

You will be given local anesthesia that will keep your impacted area comfortably numbed during the procedure. You will not feel any pain apart from a pulling sensation. You need to know that if you wait for getting your wisdom tooth removed for a long time, then it will become deeper rooted and will be more painful.

After the Procedure   

You will be permitted to leave for home right after the procedure. You will be given a set of instructions that will help you heal faster. You will get to know about how long you are supposed to carry on with an ice compress. And you will also get a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers. You need to finish the course of antibiotics as it will prevent any type of infection from happening. 

So, now as you know about the ways you can get treated at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, what are you waiting for? Search with oral surgeon near me and you will Dr. Rolle. 

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