5 Reasons Why Yoga is Great For Seniors

With stress and anxiety raging across the world, millions are taking pharmaceuticals and other forms of medications. Unfortunately, these only work as long as you are dependent on them. You should include some yoga into your daily routine to let your body and mind relax.

Yoga Great For Seniors

The numerous beginner yoga retreats provide you a chance to let go of all stress and work towards improving your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. As a senior, yoga provides you a chance to escape the busy life and rejuvenate your body and mind. If you want to know more about how yoga keeps you fit and healthy during the later years read further.

Yoga For Seniors

A popular misconception you might have come across is that yoga is only for the young and flexible. Yoga provides numerous health benefits despite your age and fitness levels. Numerous studies have shown how regular yoga practice helps you stay fit after the age of 60.

With that said, given below are five reasons why yoga for elderly beginners is the best choice.

1. Improves Muscle Tone

The muscle mass in your body starts to deteriorate as you age. Regular practice of even Hatha Yoga helps you develop strength and toned muscles. You should practice yoga asanas like Plank and Downward Facing Dog to develop muscular strength.

2. Minimizes Pain and Ache

Studies have shown how yoga helps your body get rid of chronic pain which stems from the stiffness caused by Arthritis and Stress. Yoga offers a gentle stretch in comparison to other forms of exercises that put unnecessary stress on your body’s joints.

In short, learning yoga at the best beginner yoga retreat minimizes stress which reduces the tension in your entire body. For example, yoga poses like Cobra Pose or Child’s Pose give you relief from back pain.

3. Develops Stronger Bones

One of the major concerns of aging is a decrease in your bone density. Yoga improves bone density especially if you suffer from bone loss which occurs as a result of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

Yoga uses opposing muscle groups and gravity to put gentle pressure on your bones, which increases the production of bone-growing cells.

4. Improves Mood

Loneliness and isolation are mostly associated with old age. However, attending a single yoga session changes all that as it gives you the chance to socialize and become part of an ever-growing worldwide community.

Moreover, there are yoga poses that improve your mood and keep you energetic throughout the day. In short, the beginner yoga retreat for seniors is worth a try.

5. Develops Flexibility

With a decrease in physical activity, your muscles start losing their elasticity that makes it harder for you to carry out everyday tasks. There are yoga asanas like Seated Forward Bend which gives your hamstrings and shoulders a good stretch. In short, regular practice of yoga helps you develop more flexibility in old age.


Yoga offers you the best way to maintain good physical and mental health without the need for any medications. Regular practice of yoga for elderly beginnerscan help you stay healthy and fit even in later years.

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