Why Surgery Is the Best Option for Eye Bag Removal Singapore

As a Singaporean or a visitor, you’re not alone in wanting to know what causes eye bags. You may also want to know what you can do about them to make your eyes look better before you add those hideous accessories yourself. Learn more about the cause and how to handle eye bag removal Singapore below. Keep reading!

Reasons for Eye Bags Development? 

Here are some typical reasons for under-eye bags: 

eye bag surgery


Malnourishment, including eating lots of salty foods, might result in water accumulation and under-eye puffiness.


Some people may have an inflammatory reaction that causes and worsens puffiness around the eyes when exposed to a trigger, such as dusty surroundings, allergen season, certain drugs, or foods.


If so, hereditary eye bags are often persistent and challenging to treat.

Medications or Health Problems 

The eyes may swell due to diseases such as thyroid or kidney issues. Some drugs, like stimulants that make it hard to sleep, long-term pain relievers, or antibiotics, can cause bags under the eyes to form.

Growing Older 

One of the most common reasons for eye bags is the normal aging process, which makes the muscles and skin less stiff.

How Can I Get Rid of My Eye Bags? 

Based on the root cause, there are several methods for alleviating under-eye puffiness. Please read on to learn more about both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Eye Bag Removal Through Surgical Option

When doing a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, a surgeon will reposition the fat pads around the eyes and compress the surrounding tissue and skin to restore a more youthful and rested appearance. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that is done on the eyelids. A doctor of ophthalmology or eye surgery has more training in restoring vision and facial functions.

Increasing self-assurance and confidence, improved visual sensitiveness, and rejuvenated appearance are the primary advantages of removing eye bags through surgery.

Surgical Technique to Remove Eye Bags

Surgery to remove eye bags, commonly known as blepharoplasty, is a simple treatment that frequently takes place as a day treatment operation and typically lasts between one and three hours. The operation to remove eye bags from each lower eyelid takes about an hour at the Covette clinic Singapore, and the recovery duration is estimated to be two (2) weeks. 

Most commonly, the following steps make up an eye bag surgery technique:


Eye bag surgery may be performed by a surgeon using a general or local anesthetic.


In most cases, the surgeon would make an incision either beneath the lower eyelid (at about 1 cm or less) or just under the lower eyelashes. They will cut away any fatty or skinned areas that aren’t necessary.


The surgeon will subsequently use surgical glue or stitches to cover the wound (incision). If stitches are used, they must be taken out within a week of the surgical operation. 


When you follow the surgeon’s instructions, the swelling and bruises will fade away, and the operation spot will become more apparent.

Patients who undergo eyelid surgery are typically released the same day, along with detailed aftercare recommendations from a well-qualified surgeon like Dr. Gavin Kang of the Covette clinic. He also has medical experience in double eyelid surgery Singapore.

Additionally, such patients will need to have somebody stay with them for at least a day after surgery because they will not be capable of performing tasks that stress their sight.

Non-surgical Alternatives for Eye Bag Removal

There are several alternatives to invasive surgery for getting rid of under-eye bags, including the following.

Resurfacing With Laser 

A laser extracts the top layers of sagging skin under the eyes. This helps the body make more elastin and gives the appearance of firmer skin. The effects of laser therapy can last for years, depending on how much sun you get and what kind of skin you have.

Chemical Peel

The outermost layers of skin can be removed using a chemical peel. To promote smoother, brighter skin, the doctor will administer a chemical solution that kills off dead skin cells. Based on your skin type and how often you expose it to the sun, the results of a chemical peel can linger for years.

Key Takeaway

There is no other area of the face as delicate as the skin around the eyes. If a technique is not carried out correctly, serious difficulties may emerge. Finding a highly qualified, board-certified surgeon in Singapore who has extensive experience treating the eye area is essential. Speak with Dr. Gavin Kang of the Covette clinic in Singapore about eye bag removal Singapore.