Why Should You Worry About Losing Teeth?

There are more repercussions to dental problems than people might think. In fact, it’s everything more than just having an empty gap in your mouth. For most, the problem is only limited to appearances. Whereas, complications like TMD that are classified as one of the most excruciatingly painful problems in the jaws are also consequences of edentulism.

What’s Edentulism?

It’s crucial to know that edentulism doesn’t strictly refer to people who have no teeth. Even if you’re in the process of losing teeth, you’re suffering from edentulism. This means that unless you seek proper medical attention and treatment such as immediately getting dental implants, you’re on your way to feel insufferable pain.

Causes of Losing Teeth

Whether you have periodontal disease, cavities or suffered traumatic injuries to the jaw, your teeth could be suffering more damage than what meets the eye. While there are numerous diseases, even the likes of diabetes, that can result in tooth loss, there are treatments available for everyone.

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Some of the most notable causes of losing teeth have been lack of oral hygiene and failure to diagnose dental problems in time. Symptoms such as having bad breath have been ignored far too often by many patients. Even a common problem like halitosis can be a symptom of a major disease in development. You might not be losing teeth when your mouth smells, but you can be sure that you’ll inevitably do if the condition persists.

What Awaits You When You Lose a Tooth?

Whenever you lose a tooth or a gum recedes back into the alveolar bone, your teeth have gaps in between them. These gaps can single handedly compromise the overall structure of your mouth and jaw by forcing the surrounding remaining teeth to grow out of proportion. Eventually, the patient going through this will experience a change in their bite and chewing patterns. While this may just be a little adjustment to get used to at first, you can be sure that painful conditions such as TMD are on their way.

Temporomandibular disorder is a major dental problem that targets the temporomandibular joints and nerves that are responsible for managing chronic facial pain. The major factor that makes this one of the most dangerous problems to have is the fact that any misalignment in the tooth structure can lead to TMD.

What to Do When You Lose a Tooth?

This is why we recommend getting in touch with an expert dentist to get a dental implant in Dubai whenever you lose a tooth. Make sure to have the broken tooth and immediately refer to the dental expert. It could be possible to save the condition from becoming worse. Combined with adequate hygiene measures, you can be sure that you’re saving yourself a whole lot of trouble and pain.

In case you have plaque, bacteria, crookedness in teeth due to injury, decaying or crooked teeth, bleeding or swollen gums, redness in teeth, etc. don’t wait any longer. Immediately contact your dentist and have them regularly check your teeth for signs of further damage. This will be crucial in determining how the rest of your mouth will fare. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take oral hygiene seriously.

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