What Parents Need to Know About Shark Teeth?

It is observed that as children move from age 5 to 7 their temporary or milk teeth wiggle out to give place to permanent teeth. These permanent teeth dissolve the root of primary or baby teeth. According to the kids dentist near me, during this development process kids can develop some complications resulting in the development of shark teeth. In other words, shark teeth also known as ectopic eruption took their credit from sharks, who usually have 5 to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. These teeth don’t have roots, are cavity-free, and get replaced very quickly.

But in children, the case is somewhat different. The Center of dentistry for children, Roswell, has observed that these conditions arrive when a permanent tooth starts to appear behind the primary teeth given the fact that it hasn’t fallen yet. This gives rise to the formation of the second row of teeth and the occurrence can be seen as primary teeth not getting dissolved and the permanent teeth are forced to erupt thus forming another row of teeth also resulting in lack of space.

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There are a few places inside the mouth where shark teeth can occur. Ectopic Eruption or shark teeth can occur in the lower incisors, they are also more common in the lower set of front teeth but have a potential to occur anywhere else in the mouth such as in the upper molars.

What happens if your child has shark teeth?

According to top pediatric Dentists with expertise in the particular subject and they said that shark teeth aren’t a good sign as subjected to oral health. If not taken care of properly, there are a few things that can occur as a result of Ectopic Eruption. The most common issue is the crowding of teeth. It depends on how much the permanent teeth are in deflection as compared to the baby teeth. Your child may qualify for orthodontic treatment to effectively correct the crowding by a kid’s dentist. Crowding is said to cause other complications such as gum diseases and recession have a potential risk of developing due to the difficulty of cleaning in between the crowded teeth.

Also if your child possesses shark teeth, there is nothing to be worried about. This is a common issue in children and sometimes it gets treated on its own. Baby teeth after a while, become wiggly and tend to fall off naturally. After the baby teeth fall out, the permanent teeth will move from the second row, coming forward to correct their position on their own.

What to do as a parent?

If your child is having difficulty with oral health in which permanent teeth are not erupting correctly, getting them checked by a pediatric dentist who is excellent with their work like the one at Kids dentist Roswell, may be a good idea. A pediatric dentist is a trained professional who can skillfully monitor the development of your child’s teeth and then act on them accordingly.

As a matter of fact, Pediatric dentists may also suggest you wait until the baby teeth themselves fall out naturally or if that doesn’t happen, he or she will likely recommend extraction of the teeth to avoid any further complications shark teeth may have created inside your kid’s mouth.

You should also get consulted with the dentist whenever you’re really concerned about your child’s dental health, for that you have to monitor it closely. Researchers have found out that early diagnosis of shark teeth can help in preventing it from becoming complicated. If your child’s milk teeth don’t fall out naturally after two months of ectopic tooth eruption, it’s mandatory to seek dental care immediately.

If a shark tooth is causing too much pain or discomfort to your child just the normal it’s a good idea to give your dentist an appointment. He or she along with the treatment will also give advice on foods that can help with the wiggly tooth, counter pain medications to help with pain and inflammation.

Is Shark Teeth Genetically transmitted?

Scientific studies have shown that siblings of children with cases of the ectopic eruption had a higher chance, more than 20% of developing shark teeth. This clearly indicates the fact that shark teeth can be transmitted genetically. There are many issues that occur genetically, but with proper care and monitoring, you can have a right check on these issues. For further details about the condition, we suggest you connect with an expert kids dentist in order to clarify all your questions and queries.

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