What Is A Waiting Period In OSHC & OVHC And Why Does One Have To Serve It?

If you are a student going to study in Australia, you’ll most likely see that one of the circumstances of your Student Visa is that you might have to take out an Overseas Student Health Cover policy. Many students worldwide are uncertain about the waiting period that applies for OSHC Australia and OVHC Australia. Here we explain what Overseas Student Health Cover waiting time periods are, the reason they exist, and why is it essential to serve it before claiming for some distinct benefits.

The Revelation of OVHC & OSHC Australia Waiting Period

Waiting Periods

OSHC normally sets out various kinds of circumstances when granting insurance policies to ensure that qualified individuals will profit from them. OSHC Insurance does this through different techniques or treatments that candidates should meet ahead of time prior to making declarations on their policies. These durations are called “waiting periods”. Besides, this likewise applies to OVHC Australia and Overseas Student Health Cover policies also where you are obliged to perform a similar number of days in the middle of your appearance date and policy beginning date prior to becoming qualified under the particular terms and conditions of OSHC Insurance.

When does an OVHC & OSHC Waiting Period Apply?

This waiting period applies in two circumstances:-

  1. If you begin a fresh OSHC insurance policy;
  2. If you already covered, and you desire to upgrade your policy again to higher-level cover.

When are OVHC and OSHC Australia not applicable?

At a point, when you are considering switching your health policy insurer to a similar or a lower level of cover, there is no need to serve the waiting period again that you have already finished.

Significance of Serving a Waiting Period

It is vital to comprehend that there is a waiting period for both OVHC and OSHC Australia. This waiting period is set up to assure that individuals aren’t taking out an insurance policy just when they require it, however are rather paying premiums throughout the entire year to get profit from policy benefits when they really need it.

Moreover, the health care coverage-waiting period is set up for a basis – so ensure you are completely familiar with what is retained in your OSHC or OVHC prior to making any cases.

Kinds of OVHC and OSHC Waiting Period

There are mainly two kinds of waiting periods. They are-

  1. Hospital waiting periods
  2. Extra cover waiting period

Hospital Waiting Period

The hospital Waiting Period applies to both OVHC and OSHC. This is the time you need to stand by after you reach Australia before you can claim for any medical expenditures. The hospital waiting period normally begins the day that you reach Australia, yet it can differ relying upon your Overseas Student Health Cover. With OSHC, the hospital waiting period is generally two months, while with OVHC Australia it is regularly a half year. Nevertheless, there might be a few exemptions so it’s essential to check your policy elements cautiously. Typically, a year of waiting period applies if there should arise an occurrence of pregnancy care or then again assuming that an individual requires a hospital facility for a few prior conditions! 

Extra Cover Waiting Period

It varies with health policy insurers and with the level of the cover! Even though there is normally a half year of waiting time for contact focal points, there will be a year of waiting time as an ideal opportunity for hearing aids! For any mental issue, a few insurers have 2 months of the waiting period while a few have none! You should analyze the best policy plans before purchasing on the internet!


No matter what your decision is, we are here to assist you with the best policies. At Budget Policy, select the best government-enlisted OVHC and Overseas Student Health Cover. Likewise, look at plans, compare them with others, and know exactly what you are spending for.

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