What is HIIT Training?

HIIT Training stands for high-intensity interval training. What is HIIT Training then? Basically, it’s a training method that typically incorporates traditional work out exercises, like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and things of that nature. Into a routine that usually focuses on things getting done in a fast-paced manner. HIIT Training has become very popular with people who have to work out at home. At the same time, it’s been a blessing for folks who don’t have a ton of time to take out of their day to work out. Is this type of training for you?   

What Are The Benefits of HIIT Training?

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons that folks tend to gravitate towards HIIT training is the number of calories that you’re going to be able to burn. It’s not just about the dietary benefits that you’ll be able to obtain. HIIT training can be an excellent way for people to get real results without necessarily spending too much time at the gym. 

In fact, with a good personal trainer at home you’ll be able to build a pretty varied HIIT training routine. To make sure that the process of working out doesn’t get boring. While also not taking a ton of time off of your hands either.

Would this type of training be ideal for muscle build-up? There’s a sense that with these types of exercises you’re going to be burning fat, but you may not necessarily be building muscle. That’s a misled perception of what this type of training really is. That’s not to say that you can’t craft workouts that are going to be heavily focused on helping you burn calories. 

You can also incorporate exercises that are going to help you build muscle. Again this is where having a good personal trainer in Toronto can offer can really come in handy. You need to be able to craft a workout that allows you to reach the specific goals that you may have in mind.     

Figuring Out If You’re Going To Benefit From This Type of Training

We’ve already talked about the importance of crafting a workout that has your particular goals in mind. There may be other things that you’re going to want to consider before getting into this type of training method. For one, this can certainly be an intense activity that can get harder on people who are currently not in shape. There’s no shame, though, in easing yourself into a routine. What you never want to do is try and push yourself too hard just to be able to match a routine that you got from the muscular guy at the gym.

When you’re someone who’s had previous injuries, you may want to scale back on some of the high impact exercises. The good thing about this training method though is that you can incorporate pretty simple workouts into your routine. Again, there’s no shame in crafting something that’s going to fit your needs and goals. Even if you’re not starting out at the highest intensity level there is.