What Is Hair Botox Treatment & How Safe Is It for You?

Botox anti-aging treatment is very famous in the beauty industry. Celebrities and social media influencers talk about Botox and its effectiveness. Botox treatment is good for dynamic signs of aging. It removes fine lines of the forehead, wrinkles around your eyes. The cosmetic surgeon injects Botox protein on the targeted area to eliminates the signs of aging. A similar concept of Botox treatment for skin has been applied for your hair. But the main difference we should mention is that Botox for hair does not refer to Botox protein derived from Botulinum toxin. Botox hair treatment is not an injectable procedure. Botox is a deep conditioning treatment for hair. It is applied to rejuvenate every tress of your hair.

Let’s have a look at this trendy hair treatment.

What is hair Botox treatment?

Hair Botox treatment is different from Keratin and Cysteine treatment. Regular keratin treatment possesses formaldehyde and similar harmful chemical. But the hair Botox treatment is a formaldehyde-free and chemical-free hair rejuvenating procedure. It is a deep condition procedure. Your hair care experts coat the surface of your hair with Botox to eliminate frizz and dullness. Deep conditioning from the root brings extra shine to your hair.

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Your hair looks healthy and shiny. Botox does not provide a straightening benefit. It is different from the hair straightening procedure. Botox treatment restores your broken hair, work on your frizzy tresses. It intends to improve the quality of each hair fiber to improve hair’s overall look with volume and softness.

Benefits of hair Botox treatment?

With the increasing age, your hair may lose its volume and texture. Your hair may look frizzy and rough. The hair Botox treatment is performed to eliminate the signs of aging of your hair. 

It fills the hair fiber, provides volume, smoothness. It is considered as a therapeutic hair treatment with minimum side effects. As Hair Botox does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is super effective. It provides smoothening effect rather than a straightening effect. It is suitable for dry, rough, frizzy hair. It has the capacity to transform most damaged hair into lustrous and smooth hair.

In this treatment, hair care professionals wash your hair thoroughly and dry it properly. You have then lathered your hair with a deep conditioning Botox product which is basically chemical-free. It enriches your hair with purely natural ingredients like antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and protein. Next, he seals the treatment with a flat iron. After the complete treatment, you will get rejuvenated, smooth, and hydrated hair.

After taking Botox treatment, your hair will become frizz-free and manageable for the long term (6 months to 12 months). The treatment is suitable for an individual who has color-treated frizzy hair, uses heating tools frequently, or deals with hot and humid weather..

Hair Botox VS Keratin?

Hair Botox treatment is entirely different from Keratin treatment. Botox offer smoothening effect whereas, Keratin offers a straightening effect. Both of this treatment is performed to get smooth and manageable hair. Brazilian Keratin uses heavy chemicals like formaldehyde which is toxic in nature used in household products. Formaldehyde may irritate your scalp, promote allergies, and dry out your hair. The outcome of Keratin treatment is not long-lasting. However, you will get straight, manageable hair after treatment.

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment to improve the overall health of your hair from texture to volume. Botox is entirely chemical-free, made up of essential protein and amino acids. Botox offers deep hydration to your hair. You will get smooth and voluminous hair without harm your hair. In Botox treatment, hair experts instantly seal the hydration on your hair. You will get instant shine and volume after the treatment..

Who is suitable for this treatment?

ü Botox hair treatment is ideal for individuals who sweat excessively because sweating makes their hair sticky.

ü If an individual has damaged, frizzy, and brittle hair. Hair is usually damaged by excessive use of the heating tool. Overuse of chemicals. We know hair color contains ammonia which is harmful to your hair. It makes your hair rough and dry. As Botox is a deep conditioning treatment, it moisturizes your hair from the root to the tip of each hair stress.

ü Botox treatment has no straightening effects and does not boost hair boost. So, if you want hair growth, don’t go for Botox scalp injection. It only rejuvenates your existing hair to look lustrous. .

How does Botox treatment work for your hair?

The concept of Botox treatment for hair comes from the topical treatment. Botox ingredient permeates the damaged portion of your hair strand, and your hair looks healthier and smoother. It is quite similar to injecting Botox injection into the face to remove the fine lines and wrinkles.

Recently many reputed hair care brands launch Botox Fiberceutic products. This Botox products contain intra-cyclone, a focused component to smooth and plump your hair.

Apart from intra-cyclone, the Botox hair products contain essential amino acids, vitamins, collagen, and essential oils. All of these ingredients are good for your hair health. They work together to repair your hair, also moisturizes your scalp,

When Botox injection is applied onto your scalp, it inactivates the eccrine sweat glands of your scalp.

Is Botox treatment safe for you?

Yes. Botox hair treatment is an entirely safe deep conditioning procedure. For this reason, Botox is costly affair than Brazilian Keratin and smoothening treatment. After Botox treatment, you need elaborated aftercare to maintain hair health. You have to ensure you do not go for further hair damaging procedures. 

It is not applicable for you if you are expecting hair growth after treatment; for a more precise concept of Botox treatment, you may take advice from the experts of hair and skin clinic Dubai. They will listen to your problems and offer the best approach for your hair and skin.

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