What Do Current Users Say About Meditouch Software?

meditouch EMR software

Meditouch Software 

Meditouch EMR is well-known for its user-friendly web-based application, which enables faster and more precise documentation. By allowing you to chart patient data from any place, the cloud-based Meditouch service saves you time. Furthermore, the user interface provides pre-set templates for several medical specialties. Overall, Meditouch EMR is a valuable investment for your practice with all of the features you require. 

Meditouch EMR – Key Functionalities 

Following are the significant benefits of incorporating Meditouch EMR into your practice. 

HPI System 

According to current users, the History of Present Illness (HPI) technology is one of Meditouch’s main advantages. System has includes Q&A forms that will help you learn more about specialty, also asking questions and receiving answers.  

You may even place the forms on patient portal so that patients can complete them with advance. In addition, if the format you need is not available in Meditouch library, you can make more your own! 

Electronic Prescription 

The Meditouch EMR’s e-prescription feature makes it much easier to fill prescriptions. This function is beneficial not only to you but also to your patients. You can conveniently use the software to prescribe medications, and your patients could pick up their prescriptions from whichever pharmacy they want. 

Furthermore, Meditouch Software’s e-prescription application helps to verify any potentially dangerous drug interactions and avoid them. This feature helps improve the quality of patient care as well! 

Surgery Care Plans 

Surgery care plans from Meditouch EMR Software provide quick access to the patient medical records as well as pre loaded templates tailored to needs and specialization. Further, the interface is fully customizable it is allowing you to track of specific diagnostic and treatment objectives features. 

Patient Portal 

According to Meditouch reviews, the patient portal is an essential and beneficial element of Meditouch EMR Software. Patients can access their medical information through a confidential, secure site, enabling them to keep track of their health information, request drug refills, and inquire about their wellbeing, among other things.  

Furthermore, when a patient portal is linked to an EMR system, it ensures patient satisfaction with their treatment plan and builds rapport. 


Covid-19, which is still going on, has changed how healthcare is administered to patients who now require contact-free care. Meditouch adapts to this trend by allowing you to give virtual consultations regardless of where your patients are present. For example, you can share your screens with patients to better explain a diagnosis, and third-party experts can come to provide professional advice. 

No information repeats because the telehealth feature connects with the EMR program. You can access these visits without the need to download an app or log in to a portal. Patients receive a secure link via email to participate in these virtual visits. Because the software complies with HIPAA, you and your patients do not have to be concerned about sensitive data being lost by hackers. 

Financial Ease 

You can see your actual revenue potential with Meditouch’s billing and revenue cycle management capabilities. In addition, you can pick and choose which features work best with your processes from various billing options. 

Claims management is also done efficiently so that you are compensated for your services. For example, automated eligibility checks are available to determine whether an insurance plan is active and sufficient to cover a specific therapy. Moreover, to avoid future denied claims, the claim scrubbing program identifies flaws with medical conditions or patient information. 

Certified EMR Software 

Meditouch is Meaningful Use certified, as is the patient portal it offers. Furthermore, the software provides a Meaningful Use Report Card that can assist you in demonstrating meaningful use of an EHR system and avoiding federal consequences as a result. 

Meeting Meaningful Use criteria needs almost no special skills. To enter your report card results into the website, simply sign up and follow the on-screen procedures. 

How Much Does the Meditouch EMR Cost? 

Meditouch doesn’t publish their pricing model, so you’ll have to contact them directly to get a quote. According to the website, there are no upfront payments, no training fees, and no costs for system updates. You can also obtain a demo by filling out a simple form on the company’s website. 

Meditouch Software Demo 

The Meditouch software also comes with a free demo that you can try out before purchasing it. We suggest scheduling a demo because it will assist you in making an informed selection for your healthcare practice. 

The Meditouch EMR demo allows you to explore the software’s different features in a real-world healthcare context. During the demo, you can go deeper into the software and decide whether it is the ideal fit for your practice. 

Meditouch Reviews 

You may learn more about Meditouch Software and its features by reading what current users have to say. Meditouch reviews are available online from various sources. You can read them if you want to explore more about the software. 

According to existing users, the following are the specific benefits and drawbacks of Meditouch EMR Software. 


  • Meditouch EMR is flexible and customizable, making it appropriate for medical specialties of all sorts. 
  • The Meditouch EMR outperforms the competition in terms of features. 
  • The EMR software is straightforward to use. 
  • Customer support is quick to answer. 


  • The software updates often cause glitches that hinder your workflow. 

Concluding Thoughts About Meditouch EMR Software 

We can help you if you’re unsure whether Meditouch EMR is a wise investment. But, first, read as many Mediouch reviews as you can on the internet to get a sense of what healthcare providers are saying about the software. 

Another alternative is to ask the seller for a Meditouch top rated EMR demo so you can see the EMR Software in action. Furthermore, the demo will better prepare you to evaluate the program because you will have seen it in action and will be able to make a more informed decision about whether it meets your needs. 

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